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4 weeks

Relax.....lots of fun gifts for christmas in my shop!

1 month

Harvest your own fruit here at xxxredstitchxxx!

3 months

denim, denim, denim! new repurposed garden belts or fanny packs in my shop

4 months

always nice to be published....!

5 months

sold... shipping these ones to a 3x repeated buyer....hooray!

6 months

SOLD & making more fresh fruit again! Relisted oranges and lemons...

7 months

fun cell potholders! Just new in my shop

8 months

feathers and bows for the kitchen!

9 months

busy, busy making more...!

11 months

always a handy storage at hand!

1 year

stylish gift for the cook in your life.....!

1 year

redstitch is going african wax print!

1 year

having fun with my business cards!

1 year

fried eggs for breakfast this weekend?

1 year

soon more new fun pillow covers!

2 years

a few new pillow covers will be filling the shop....!

2 years

fancy upcycled fannypack......

2 years

denim, denim, denim! Some more coming up soon.....

2 years

a great gardening help, repurposed and very sturdy!

2 years

a perfect gift for the foodie lover.....!

2 years

stocking up on new potholders!

2 years

having fun with my new series of potholders!

2 years

getting the summerfruits ready....

2 years

which one is your favourite? You can pick your own to take home with you!

2 years

What are you having for breakfast tomorrow?

2 years

Can't wait for spring to begin! Freshly listed.....