yellowjackal's Shop Announcement

I WILL ship to Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand on request! Newly listed items will have an overseas option for shipping but please do not purchase if your mailing address is not in the United States or one of the above mentioned locations. Thank you!

At Jackal General we have a particular philosophy about consumerism. Money is beautiful! In a perfect world, it represents our hard work, our skills, our strengths. We know that the true value of money is made greater by the ways in which it is spent and the lifestyle it can procure...which is why our general store offers you goods selected and crafted by a discerning eye and a careful hand. We cater to the discriminating, the excellent, the thoughtful and the creative amongst us. If you feel that you share some of these qualities, we welcome you to Jackal General Store in hopes that living a meaningful and authentic life will be made easier through the goods you purchase here.

Jackal General is currently offering select vintage wares (predominantly aged leathers and textiles) and we will soon be incoroporating objects that display our love of typography, books, tea, scents, and various other artisanal goods. Like the general stores of old, we hope to provide you with more than one service but all with the same passion and exacting quality!

Furthur information on particular items (if not available in the listing) can be given via etsy message or email.

Enjoy our little slice of the American dream,
Jackal General Store




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