yjimagery's Shop Announcement

yjImagery offers a wide selection of Alaskan photography. Everything from untouched tundra to wild lynx and moose. yjImagery prints are of the utmost professional quality. Each print ranging in sizes near 20x30 is framed in a 2” black frame then covered with non-glare glass to ensure it looks perfect and stays that way for decades to come. We offer four different types of photography; wildflowers, wildlife, landscape, and subsistence gathering. Because all yjImagery photographs are taken off the road system of the last frontier they are considered some of the rarest and most prized pictures of Alaska in the world. Most famously they showcase the rural scenery including mountains never-before-seen by tourists, and the lifestyles of Yupik Eskimos along the Yukon River. Priced between $5,000 and $30,000, these beautiful works of art are a splurge worth spending. Always one-time prints, once it’s yours you can guarantee no one else will share the same view. And what’s more priceless than knowing you share a part of Alaska no one else in the world ever will. To see the entire collection please visit: