A corner of my studio - garlands abound!
I'm often out walking, this is by the river in our neighbourhood
I LOVE colour!
Sewing a garland, armed with tea
I love making new things out of old

Great oaks from tiny acorns grow

I've been making a living as an artist for over a decade but I've always been a bit crafty (in more ways than one), and the idea for younghearts has been brewing and growing since my first pregnancy in 2008.

Seeing so many talented people doing what they're passionate about, and having the opportunity to share their work with people from all over the globe, and make a living from it, really inspired me to start up shop, no matter how small in the beginning.

I'm still right at the start, and this is really the tip of the iceberg. I have so many ideas, the only thing holding me back is time. But no matter, I've made a start. I'm doing it all myself at this stage, getting not much sleep because I work after I put my kids down. But I know younghearts has the potential to grow and grow, and I'm enjoying all the steps, embracing all the challenges.

This shop was born out of my desire to create pretty, delicate and whimsical things for the young and the young at heart. I hope to create things that bring a smile or add a bit of prettiness in the lives of young people, and not so young people. I'd like, in my own small way, to nurture young hearts.
Claire Walker
Owner, Maker, Designer, Photographer, Packer, Shipper, Tea Maker, Tidy Upper
I'm an artist, crafter & mother of two young girls, living in Cape Town. I love paper, old books, turning old stuff into new stuff, drinking tea, going for walks, picking up bits of nature, taking pictures, making pictures.

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