this is where all of your nest inspired items are carefully hand crafted.
with my tools.
measure twice.
cut once.
and sand to perfection.

clean. simple. functional.

Hi! My name is Anna, and I am your nest inspired. All of my items are designed and handcrafted by me, out of my home in Santa Rosa, CA.
I started my education in architecture, but quickly found my true passion in the smaller scale of product and furniture design. After graduating with a degree in industrial design, I needed a way to keep my creative juices flowing. My small hobby quickly turned into a full time career, when I opened my shop on etsy.
All of my wood products, are left natural to patina with age. It's beauty grows with every use, from the oils in your hands, making it uniquely yours.
My products are inspired by a solution to a problem. Simplifying your life, with clean lines, and understated products.
anna noel
owner, maker, designer, curator
I began your nest inspired to develop and create functional products to enhance your lifestyle. Amid homes filled with mass produced plastic gadgets, I wanted to warm it up, and bring your nest back to nature.

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