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Indonesian glass beads , rustic beads , lampwork beads , exotic wood beads ,natural bone horn or coconut buttons, tribal and ethnic supplies , funky resin beads , urban and modern components .Craft and Jewelry supplies ,


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My love for beads ,art and jewelry started when i was 13 years old .i studied art and worked with a few medium such as Acrylic, ceramics , polymer clay . I have been selling my jewelry part time for 18 years now and started this supply shop 5 years ago.

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i have been travelling to Indonesia for the past 13 years to outsource beads and find unusual materials.i also carry items from worldwide supplier.

about 60% of the current inventory comes from my travels to Indonesia or contacts made trough my travels to Indonesia .During my travels to Indonesia i try to get most of supplies from small or family own bead shops . The remaining 40% is purchase from a distance and comes from various worldwide suppliers ( philippines , india , peru , usa ,china )

S p e c i a l i t y :

► Indonesian beads , Indonesian lamp work glass , urban modern beads and elements , exotic beads , funky beads , tribal beads and pendants , organic and rustic style beads , natural beads ( seed, nuts , coconut , wood , bone horn ,shell )

y u k i ◙ l o v e s

► recycled glass beads , ceramic beads , wood beads , horn and bone beads , nuts and seed beads , lampwork glass beads , rustic and raw textures , funky pendants , statement beads and pieces , minimalist elements , earth colors , artisan beads .


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