zenharmonydesign's Shop Announcement

Dear Customers:
Welcome to Artist Zheng's Zen Harmony Design studio shop! Here you will see my original art works and products. The calligraphic works are done with sumie ink on rice paper, art paper and other various types of media.They include the traditional Chinese calligraphic art (Kanji) and the very extraordinary Sqare Word English Calligraphy. The square word English calligraphy was invented only about 15 years ago to make English language calligraphyable with ink brush, thus opens it up to thousands of years old Kanji techniques and expressions. Its structure is modeled on Chinese(Kanji) words. Yet it's purely English using the 26 alphabetic letters and follows English grammar. The composition follows strict rules and fairly easy to read. Generally, the letters are laid out in clockwise or zigzag order.
My calligraphic art clothing is presently all hand painted using special textile ink. There are no prints and each one is different from another. Whoever wears it is literally the only person on earth wearing it. For large group or institutions that need many pieces of clothes with the same design, I can have them printed by printers I have personal trust in their quality, integrity and environmental standard.
As a naturalist and firm believer and practitioner in green philosophy, in all my designs, I try to minimize environmental impact and wastes I use natural and recycled materials as much as possible.
I hope my art and design can add beauty, inspiration, harmony, and joy to your life.
Thanks for your shopping here and your support.

Yours sincerely,

Artist Zheng