zoesu's Shop Announcement

Having grown up with the Chinese written language surrounding me in every facet of life, one would think that I would take those words which I saw around me for granted. However, this is not the case. I have seen the beauty and the history behind each character and each stroke. I have a passion for this particular aspect of my culture wish I hope to share with everyone.

It is my hope that with these simple stamps, I can help you express your words in beautiful Chinese characters. They are after all rich in content and meaning not even mentioning their long heritage.

I am very excited to see the interest that others have in these characters. From NBA players to motorcycle riders to the most modest of “ordinary” people, they pop up adorned in tattoos or on T-shirts.

Of course, I would love that everybody understood how to write these words, but I speak from experience when I say that it takes many years to learn how. So, with these stamps you will get a little glimpse into the wonderful, colorful and rich world of Chinese characters. Have fun!!