Etsy Studio

Sell your craft supplies in a brand new market, brought to you by Etsy.

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Whittle. Sew. Snip. Twist. Build your business.

We’ve created a market that inspires making.

And it’s going to help sellers like you reach a whole new audience. Etsy Studio will showcase DIY projects alongside supplies and tools, making the path from inspiration through purchase simple for your shoppers.

Reach a new audience of passionate DIYers. We’re investing in your success with paid advertising and robust marketing campaigns to attract new craft supply buyers to your items.

etsy studio crafting image
etsy studio crafting image

Manage everything from one place, just like you always have. We’ll automatically set up your craft supply listings on Etsy Studio. That means no extra work managing your listings. (You’ll of course stay listed on

etsy studio crafting image

Benefit from new tools to increase your visibility

Take advantage of attributes - our additional item description fields. Adding this specific information about your items will make them more likely to show up in filtered search results so buyers can find your items more easily. Attributes will become a factor in Etsy search on March 27 and will also be factored into Etsy Studio search.

Prepare your listings

Complete the 3 steps below to ensure you’re ready for the launch of Etsy Studio

Add detailed information to your craft supply listings to increase your visibility and help power new descriptive filters in search.

Accept Etsy’s format for Shop Policies with a single click, and give shoppers the confidence they need to make a purchase.

Optimize your shipping process by adding competitive shipping and processing times to keep shoppers informed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my items on Etsy Studio?

We will automatically set up your craft supply listings on Etsy Studio, so there’s no additional work for you.

How do fees work?

Whether an item sells on Etsy or Etsy Studio, you'll continue to pay a single 3.5 percent transaction fee, and you won't have to pay any additional listing fees to appear on Etsy Studio.

How do I manage orders, listings, transactions, and convos?

You will continue to manage your listings, orders, convos, and transactions using your existing tools on Etsy. Nothing about your workflow will change!

What does Etsy Studio mean for my existing business?

We understand businesses like yours face unique challenges. We want to make it easy for you to reach a new group of buyers while still managing things from one place. So your workflow will remain exactly the same, but you’ll get more exposure by being listed on two markets. To help you be a successful seller, Etsy Studio will have the same great services as Etsy, which you can also manage from your Etsy account.

Will my listings continue to live on Etsy?

Yes! Your craft supply listings will continue to appear on Etsy, as well as being listed on Etsy Studio. Nothing changes with your Etsy shop.

We are, and we hope you are too.