Team Hilo Etsy Post your favorite from the shop above :)

Who can join?

Team Hilo Etsy is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Etsy shop owners who live on the East side of the Island of Hawaii.
Must have an active etsy shop
Must be supportive of Team Hilo Etsy's purposes and mission: Support each other, Support the Community, Promote Local-Global exposure
Must be actively involved in social networking including, but not limited to facebook, blogger, twitter, etsy. You should have command of at least two of these platforms.
Must be willing to engage your team members etsy shops in your social networking routine
Be willing to participate in the day to day operations of the team in some capacity
Be willing to get involved in team community events
Be open to changes and improvements that would support the team's growth and success.
Love to have fun and be passionate about sharing the spirit of Aloha!

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Original Post

I copied this from the beads team:

Just post your favorite item from the shop above you and then the next person will do the same for your shop.

If you see items you like, be sure to heart them to help promote your team members! Have fun! :)

Posted at 3:57am Dec 13, 2011 EST


PK from stoneandbone says

Here's getting it started ~ love Maren's Tropical Seed Collection ~ They would make a wonderful gift for that Gardener who just lives to get that green thumb in the dirt....

Posted at 1:53pm Dec 13, 2011 EST

Connie Haskell from redemptionart says
Edited on Dec 14, 2011

So do I post something from Pk or Maren? You know what...I'll post from both!

Posted at 12:48am Dec 14, 2011 EST

I love, love, love, Jobs Tears...also love the story...wish I had that much faith!

Posted at 12:51am Dec 14, 2011 EST

I love these threads! :)

I have loved this piece in your shop since I saw it Connie. You have a wonderful eye for collecting. Although I'm not Polynesian, I was born here in Hawaii and I love surrounding myself with pieces that remind me of my travels and who I am, this piece just sings to me!

Posted at 3:38pm Dec 14, 2011 EST

PK from stoneandbone says

Here's to Amanda's lovely post ~~~~ love the bold rich colors, bright, and fabulous.


Posted at 7:48pm Dec 14, 2011 EST

PK from stoneandbone says

Let's Keep It Going ~~~~

Handmade, hand picked, hand loved with ALOHA.

Posted at 3:41am Dec 20, 2011 EST

I know I can always find something in Pk's shop - in fact I find it hard to decide what to post :)

Posted at 6:24am Dec 22, 2011 EST

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