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Original Post


catwands says

My new fav.

I am offering a 10% discount on everything in my shoup, use coupon code BNRBNS when checking out. Also all domestic orders ship for FREE!

Here is my fan page.

Posted at 8:03 pm Sep 27, 2011 EDT

This is currently my fav. we have a couple hanging up in our place and it really makes for nice decor!

Posted at 10:15 pm Sep 27, 2011 EDT

catwands says

Check out this great BNR, come shop, chat and fav!

Here are the rules,
RULES ♥ 9am - 10pm Overnight Sales welcome!
• Promote for free raffle entry
• NO MIN. PRICE. (any item in shop)
• No Call Outs. Post Shop Name, trans. #, $ Spent
• Coupon Codes Page 18!
• Only Team Shops featured -Not typical BNRBNS
• Read Page 1!

Join our Newsletter about sales and promotions:

RAFFLE ITEM: Bath/Foot Fizzy Soak by Hecmi

Destash, Vintage, Handmade, Supplies and the kitchen sink!
Featured Items under $40, Buy any item in the Shop!.

Non-Team Buyers with shops will not be featured. So Join Us!
This sale is to support those without the funds to BUY IN to normal BNR/ BNS sales.

• Team Buyers with shops will be featured now or in next event!

1 Spot Maximum per shop owner. Let’s keep it diverse and fair.

• If the Buyer does not have a shop, no worries!

Raffle Entries: No purchase necessary, Help us promote!

• PICK TWO: Favorite ♥, Facebook “Like”, Tweet, and repost this BNR in a Discussion to Enter Raffle (1 chance). Send your evidence to Curator.

• Every 10 References to your promotion here in Comments earns 2 Raffle Entries.
First 2 Promoters will be placed in Free Spots!

• Add our Buyer’s List link Image (pink lady) to a Listing to earn 2 Raffle Entries!

• BUY FROM Flea Market Team to Enter Raffle (2 chances) . Buy from NON-Team for 1 Entry.

$5-10 = 1 extra Raffle Entry
$11-15 = 2 extra Raffle Entries
$15-20 = 3 extra Raffle Entries
$21- 25 = 4 extra Raffle Entries
$26+ = 6 extra Raffle Entries!

All shops with 10+ references will earn 1 Free spot in next Flea Market.

• First Two will be featured on opening board for SUNDAY.

All Buyers (no shop) with 10+ references will earn 5 Raffle Entries & Free Soap Sample from artCain!

Please check us out and say catwands sent you!!

Posted at 7:57 pm Oct 1, 2011 EDT

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