Promoting Creative Friends NEW GAME - Get Better Search Rankings (May)

Who can join?

Promoting Creative Friends has the following requirements:

Who can join?
Any shop with handmade items, supplies or vintage may join the team.


There are only 4 rules!

1) Please be respectful towards other members. No Drama.

2) Please do not start a new thread!
** If you have any ideas for threads that you think would be good for the team, send a convo to either the captain or one of the leaders with your idea. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.
** Duplicate threads, or threads started for self promotion will be closed. If the shop continues to start self promotion threads, they will be removed from the team without notice.

3) Please "Promote Creative Friends"
** When posting on a thread - READ ALL THE RULES!!! :)
** The more you promote others - the more YOU will get promoted.

4) Your FAVORITES must be set to PUBLIC.
** It does not do any good to add items to your favorites if no one can see them. It defeats the purpose of promotion.

********Anyone NOT following forum/thread instructions/rules will be REMOVED!

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Original Post

pcfteam says

I have a feeling this is going to get big and have a lot of pages - so we will start new each month.

Posted at 7:50 pm May 4, 2012 EDT

Highlighted Responses What is this?

pcfteam says
Highlighted Post Edited on May 30, 2012

♥ You *must* heart 10 items directly above yours - and if you've already hearted something, skip and heart the next item above. That's 10 NEW hearted items.


♥ Post only 2 items from your shop!

**** If your favorites are PRIVATE please change it to public or don't post here. Not really fair if others are promoting your shop to be seen all over Etsy, yet you are not doing the same for others

Posted at 5:23 pm May 30, 2012 EDT


pcfteam says

Because we are ranked to some degree by the ratio of hearts to views, hearting items in a list like this actually does help to boost ranking.

How this works:

1. Post two items from your shop that need some hearts.

2. You *must* heart 10 items above yours - and if you've already hearted something, skip and heart the next item above. That's 10 NEW hearted items.

Your items should be hearted 10 times. Do not re-post until at least 5 other people have posted to give everyone a chance. And thanks everything! Let's promote some friends!

Posted at 7:50 pm May 4, 2012 EDT

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