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Original Post

Let's try this again!

Ah... June... My favourite month. I am a Gemini after all, not just by birth.

So we've been having a lot of confusion around this wonderful game that everyone loves to play :o) So let's try to clear up some of the confusion.

Did you know that search rankings for your items improve with the increasing number of faves that you have? The purpose of this game is to help you increase your search rankings by having your team mates fave your items. In return you fave them. That's why we're called Promoting Creative Friends :o)

1) Please READ ALL the RULES for all the game threads before you post. If you're confused, just send a convo to one of the team leaders and we'll be happy to help you out :o)

2) Please make sure that all your favourites are set to public. The whole idea is to increase the visibility of participants items on Etsy. If you're favourites aren't set to public, they won't show up in your activity stream. Not really fair if your items are getting exposure while others aren't.

3) Post 2 items from your shop that you would like faved.

4) Fave at least the 10 items DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY above you. If you've faved one of them before, skip that one and fave the one above it. This way you'll have 10 new favourites :o)

5) Nope, that doesn't mean you get to randomly choose 10 items in this thread and fave them. It means you fave the 10 items DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY above you. If you want to fave more, go nuts! Just fave those 10 first :o)

6) Want to play again? Come back often, we'd love to fave your items, just wait until at least 5 other shops have posted.

7) Oops! We all post incorrectly in a thread every once in a while! So if there's a problem we'll send you a convo. If you see that your post has been deleted, double check that you haven't posted more than 2 items, forgotten to fave the 10 above you or that your settings are still set to private.

Let the games begin.

Posted at 7:04pm May 31, 2012 EDT

Highlighted Responses What is this?

Sandra from PhotographyBySandra says
Highlighted Post

Please Please Please remember to Fave the 10 items directly/immediately above the 2 items you have posted.

Thank you!

Posted at 9:45am Jun 11, 2012 EDT

Sandra from PhotographyBySandra says
Highlighted Post

PLEASE read the instructions before posting to this thread. If you notice that your post has been deleted it will be for one of the following reasons:

You did not fave the 10 items DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY above you in this thread. This does not mean randomly picking 10 items. This does not mean picking 10 items that you like. This does not mean faving 1 item from the 10 shops above you. It means you fave the 10 items posted by the five shops above you. If you've faved it before, then skip that item and move on to the one above it. Each time you play this game you will add 2 new faves.

Guess there's only one reason this afternoon!

Apologies for not taking the time to convo you if I've deleted your post. I just don't have the time, but I do want to be fair to those that are faving as they should and not having their items faved in return.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Posted at 1:39pm Jun 13, 2012 EDT

Sandra from PhotographyBySandra says
Highlighted Post

Please, Please PLEASE read the instructions before you participate.

Posted at 5:58pm Jun 23, 2012 EDT


Please wait until I transfer the last postings from the May thread - thanks

Posted at 7:04pm May 31, 2012 EDT