We haven't sold :( Feeling a little disheartened

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We haven't sold :( has the following requirements:

- anyone who has been here more than a month and hasn't sold anything
- anyone who wants to help others sell their items
- anyone who wants to help others promote their shop
- anyone who wants help on how to improve their shop

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Original Post

I have nearly 50 items in my shop now, and still no sales. I haven't been posting them all at once either, they have been staggered out. Been trying the tricks of updating my listings but it's not working so well :(

How have the rest of you been faring?

I might try some more treasuries tomorrow and see if that helps you out :)

Also, I have now taken over as Leader for the group, so hi anybody who hasn't spoken to me :)

Posted at 5:16 pm Sep 13, 2011 EDT


Hi! I have like 80 lisitings and no sales! Really disheartened! I had to remove some items I had listed as folk had bought them in person from me...waste of listing fee! I'm disappointed that ive not sold yet on etsy!
I dont know what to do?
I did afew treasuries too...

Posted at 11:12 am Sep 19, 2011 EDT

There is a new promotion thing, have you seen it?

I may try it but i would be more inclined if i had any revenue :P I hate dishing out all this money and not getting anything in return

Posted at 1:24 pm Sep 24, 2011 EDT

how do you do the treasuries? I am very new and am not totally familiar with everything yet? I have 26 items listed in my shop and haven't sold anything. I have tried to get the showcases, but when I stay up until midnight I click the link as soon as it shows up and it is already sold out. I don't know what to do next

Posted at 8:39 am Oct 17, 2011 EDT

You can buy showcases for days ahead though? I have done two and barely got anything from it

I dont know the direct link to making them, but if you view one on the bottom left it says make a treasury :) hope that helps

Posted at 3:44 pm Oct 20, 2011 EDT

Still no sales! And my stuff is expiring now, this is so frustrating. I have gone through all my listings changing titles, tags and some descriptions, but still nothing. I dont get why people dont want my stuff :(

Posted at 2:23 pm Nov 1, 2011 EDT

at least my views are up! i've run two weeks of search ads, spent $10 on them.my views went up noticeably. no sales.
now what?

Posted at 11:42 pm Nov 20, 2011 EST

I have been on Etsy for 6 months and just got my first sale 2 weeks ago! I have tried Treasuries, coupons, changing tags and taking suggestions from other Etsy sellers. I have also done a home party and a Craft Fair and one thing is clear to me now. The things that I think will sell usually are not the ones people are looking for. The home party gave me 12 made to order towels and so I will add that as a section to my Shop in 2012. I have had many requests for hand towels so I will also add them in 2012. I think the best thing is to listen to your friends and anyone who will give you an opinion. Then make changes a bit at a time and see if you hit something that will make a sale.

Posted at 12:33 pm Dec 2, 2011 EST

Should we have a critique thread then? Cause i would like to know peoples opinion of my shop, I can't keep paying out for all these listings and relistings without gaining any money. I pretty much have no money to start with :/

Posted at 3:09 pm Dec 3, 2011 EST

I looked at your shop and have some comments:
1. I think you should put them in a temporary frame and either stand them by a wall or hang them.
2. Your little sheep are cute but the background is too busy.
3. Do you paint all the same size? That would make it easy to frame. If you do them as made-to-order, you could do them all the same size for the shop but make them bigger for the customer.

I am also struggling with photos and have some changes to make. The photo frame idea came from a friend.

Posted at 2:00 pm Dec 28, 2011 EST

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