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Profanity (except frickin') will NOT be tolerated! We are all adults and should act like one. We will treat others as we want to be treated! If you are in the scrapbooking world, you already know that there are not ANY rules...however, there might be suggestions or ideas that are easier/faster than others. So please, by all means, make suggestions and be willing to open up your comfort zone and learn from others. That's why we are all here, right? Now let's have some FUN!

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Original Post

Hello there! I'm from Killeen, TX which is pretty central but close enough, right? I've been a huge fan of Etsy since I discovered it a year ago, and finally decided to take the plunge and start my own store. I'm still brand new to being a seller, and I'm looking around for different communities and teams with similar interests. Do ya'll have any advice for someone just starting out? Thanks so much!

Posted at 11:57pm Apr 6, 2012 EDT