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Original Post

Hi everyone,
I just joined the team. Thanks for letting me in. I am a potter. I like creating functional ceramic pieces. Since I am blind most of my work is heavily textured. To me Texture is what color mean to a sighted person. I live in San Diego for almost 3 years and I work at UCSD's ceramic studio. I also teach ceramic/pottery in a local nonprofit organization.
I wish everyone creative days and lots of sales...

Posted at 7:26pm Feb 19, 2012 EST


hi Ahmet, I will go check out your shop. Love pottery! And coffee ;P

Posted at 2:45pm Feb 28, 2012 EST

Hi Ahmet! Welcome! I will also go check out your shop!

Posted at 6:58am Feb 29, 2012 EST

Miranda says

Welcome! I am new in this team too. Actually having my coffee :)

Posted at 7:41am Mar 10, 2012 EST

Welcome to the Team! My shop has been closed for 3 months but I am back and here is a new listing!

Posted at 6:23pm Mar 17, 2012 EDT