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Original Post

How do you guys feel about those epoxy stickers? I've been using a pendant tray and then just sealing it with an epoxy sticker. I haven't had any complaints yet. I was just curious how all of you felt about it?

Posted at 8:28am Sep 1, 2012 EDT


Natalie says

ugh tried some once and they turned out horribly. trying to sell the stickers with the scrabble-size tiles haha

Posted at 3:50pm Oct 1, 2012 EDT

Well, I just recently realized that if I stick the epoxy sticker to the image first, and then cut it out and glue it into the bezel, it turns out soooo much better! But, thanks for responding Natalie!

Posted at 4:56pm Oct 2, 2012 EDT

Epoxy Stickers provide a more pleasing three dimensional look and finish. Thank you for your suggestion Christine. There are many different ways to process this art even though it at first seems simple.

Adhesives, glues, and epoxies are have different characteristics. Likewise, which to apply an adhesive to first: the picture or the wooden tile?

While it is a close call as to which is better and this also depends upon temperature and humility; generally most prefer applying an adhesive to the photo first and then applying to the wood. The general rationale here is that the wood may tend to dry out the adhesive first because it tends to absorb the adhesive.

For me I find that making sure to take a minimum of a 30 second break every 30 minutes is very important. Stand up, stretch, and relax a bit. This keeps my hands working more effectively.

I like working with the pointed toothpicks with adhesives, glues, and epoxies. These little preferences we can share here and help us all be better.

Keep up the good work!

Mike M.

Posted at 11:45pm Dec 27, 2012 EST

Liz Mae says

I really enjoy the epoxy sticker! We use them for both scrabble tile and domino's. What works best for us is to first apply it to the image and then to adhere it to the whatever I am using to adhere to. Epoxy stickers are a plus because the other Diamond adhesive that I would use, that tends to yellow over time where the epoxy will never yellow.

Posted at 12:41pm Jan 23, 2013 EST

How about Domed Glass?

The right ones (of course, there are many qualities) are clearer, sharper and provide better and more appropriate magnification. They do cost more especially, like most things the better they are the more they cost.

Now let's see - there are glass, glass domed, and puffy glass dome - lots of innovative names.

Glass does not scratch easily where the Epoxy stickers do. The Epoxy sticker do not break easily and neither do the domed glass; yet a hammer can easily break the glass.

The Epoxy stick gives you one chance only to get it on right. While the domed glass allows you to position well, and if you make a mistake you can soak it in warm soapy water to remove the picture and use the domed glass again.

Domed glass requires trays or other backing; again another expense and part; yet the trays have a built in bail.

The domed glass are mostly about 1 to 1.5 mm thicker than the Epoxy stickers.

I hope I presented these comments okay. Now for the really important question.


Posted at 2:49pm Feb 6, 2013 EST

I Like the epoxy stickers for many of the reasons that have already been said
*less time consuming
*gives a uniform 3D glass like finish
*doesn't yellow over time
*no bubbles(this is very aggravating with the diamond glaze and other mediums used to seal tile pendants, get bubbles in the middle)

I have used dome glass on the pendant trays and love these too but for tile pendants love the epoxy stickers

Posted at 7:53am Feb 10, 2013 EST

Carla Giesbrecht from SassyPlanetDigital

Changed from SassyPlanet on Dec 19, 2016


I'm all about the epoxy sticker!

Posted at 3:34pm Mar 12, 2013 EDT

I have had problems off and on with epoxy stickers. I am using them for bottle cap keychains, etc.. but sometimes when I stick them on the image there is a patch that shows up. It looks like it didn't stick even though I rubbed the back. Is there something wrong with the epoxy stickers? I ordered them from beadaholique. Any suggestions?

Posted at 10:09pm Mar 23, 2016 EDT

I sell a lot of these and have a free tutorial on how best to use them:

Posted at 1:16pm Jun 3, 2016 EDT

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