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anyone who has a love for antique beaded purses and those who would like to help preserve their history

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Original Post

Marsi10 says

Hello and Welcome to team Antique beaded Purses, restored, repaired renewed. I have had a passion for these historical treasures for more than 20 years and my fascination seems to have become more of an addiction. If you love beaded purses, you know what I mean. This is a phase that will not pass like any other I have had before.
Everything I know I have learned on my own through research, trial and error and an almost 6th sense. I am always willing to help with any questions you might have, and if you are in need of a specific type of bead for a restoration, if I do not have it, chances are I can direct you to another seller who might.
If you have any tricks of the trade you might like to share with others for the sake of preserving the history of these amazing treasures from our past so future generations can learn an appreciation for the time , love and dedication involved to create each beaded masterpiece.
"My name is Marsi and I am a Purseaholic.

Posted at 1:18am Sep 21, 2011 EDT

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darlene taylor says
Highlighted Post

I just love beaded purses I personally never repaired one although if I had to would come to this team for suggestions they are so beautiful always an admirer!!!

Posted at 10:46am Apr 11, 2015 EDT


Although, I am not a purseaholic, I definately appreciate beaded purses. They are one of my favorite bead items to look for in museums. I've even repaired some on occasion. I remember the first one I was asked to repair. It was from Japan, pre- war days. Suprisingly the beads were almost perfect matches with some delicas. On that one I used bead weaving techniques, as opposed to strictly couching. It was a quick sturdy fix :)

Posted at 12:00am Dec 23, 2011 EST

Hey there - I was given a gorgeous beaded bag because the lining and beaded exterior came off it's snap closure frame. The frame has holes to attach the bag but I can't figure out how to sew it back together. Does anyone have any suggestions here? I would really love to use this bag!

Posted at 2:07pm Jan 4, 2012 EST

If the frame has holes to attatch it back together, it should just be a simple re-sew. Sometimes they open up and snap the fabric in there. If there are holes though, just attatch the main part of the bag through there.

If you are not familiar with purse construction techniques, I would also reccommend visiting the library. There are a lot of books about how to sew purses. There is actually one, if you can find it, about vintage beaded bags and purses. That might be harder to find (I think an 80 dollar book, library might not carry it, but you could try inter-library loan). You don't want to mess up a nice beaded purse trying to 'fix' it. Be sure you first know how.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.

Posted at 3:50pm Jan 9, 2012 EST

I just discovered this team and was very excited as I have been collecting purses for over 40 years, My brother gave me my first one for my 16th birthday, and I now have over 300! I've never attempted repairs and would not know where to begin if I did, but I am somewhat knowledgeable about the history of them and might be able to help if anyone has any questions about age, etc. Any tips for cleaning the insides from what I assume is makeup marks?

Posted at 5:34pm Jan 17, 2012 EST

Marguerite says

Hello. This team just popped up at the top of the Team List today and I had to join so I wouldn't forget that you are there!! I've been collecting glass beads for 30+ years and have always loved beaded purses. I inherited 2 and they just sit, in a drawer, waiting to be repaired and loved a little more out in the open. Maybe someday I will find the time to consult one of you on their repair or history. Thank you for putting this team together! Maybe you should start a photo gallery thread of some sort. Or share Flickr pages (if any of you have one going).

I, too, look for them in museums. In the Pacific Northwest we have many Native American examples, too, and they are just as amazing as the Victorian ones.

Have a great day!

Posted at 12:09pm Jan 18, 2012 EST

make up marks- is it powdery (mineral) or creme (oil) based? A stiff brush (or even toothbrush) might work, depending on the fabric...Here's a link with detailed 'purse' info. Didn't check to see if there was info on beaded specifically, but it should be helpful...

Posted at 10:35pm Jan 26, 2012 EST

I'm not really sure what the stains are, all I know is they are old and are mostly on satin liners. Thanks for the link to the site, I will definitely check it out. I just found another nice bag at Goodwill. It was hanging with all the modern day purses and was colorful wooden beads and is at least 50+ years. LOVE the thrill of the hunt!

Posted at 9:45pm Feb 5, 2012 EST

I think the book Victoria is referring to is "Restoring and Collecting Antique Beaded Purses" by Evelyn Haertig. You can do a Google search for her and find her website where her books are sold. Evelyn was an expert on antique purses and wrote 3 books on the subject.

Posted at 11:07pm May 31, 2012 EDT

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