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Hi My name is Ayelet, I am a polymer clay artist, I came to New Zealand 10 years a go and my creative side burst out!! I make all my items my self including my beads. All my Items are One of a kind.
I leave in the south Island wich is the most beautiful place .
I have a store on Etsy and you are wellcome to have a look .
I have FB page too.

Posted at 1:48 am May 28, 2012 EDT

Hi guys, I have just opened my Etsy shop and will be selling a mix of items from Vintage clothing, homewares to my own photography.
I'm really excited to see some amazing things on here and must say was very happy to see a New Zealand team i could join!
I'm a born and bred Cantabrian currently residing in Brisbane, i have been in Australia for 5 years but hope to head back home one day, in the mean time i'm enjoying the Queensland sunshine and easy living.

Here's a sneak peak of some photographs from my "Stamps gone by" collection!



Posted at 5:29 am Jun 3, 2012 EDT

Kia Ora Kiwis.

I'm based just north of Sam from lunchboxlabels (hmmm good excuse for a coffee I think, anyone else in?). I've been making things ever since my Nana taught me to sew at age 7, can't stop since. Forward momentum has taken me into photography, pottery, book art, mixed media assemblage and yes I'm still sewing. Addicted to creating. Just now trying to work out how to make some dosh out of it so I can give up my day job (ha ha).

Love Etsy for finding supplies, and fingers crossed there will be a sale for me soon.

Karen :)

p.s. I don't yet have a facebook page but I'm working on it. I

Posted at 2:36 am Jun 11, 2012 EDT

Welcome to the team Karen!

You have some great photographs and have to say i love your retro recipe book!


Posted at 4:15 am Jun 12, 2012 EDT

Why thank you Collette for your lovely feedback. I think we have a similar love of Kiwiana.

Posted at 2:01 am Jun 14, 2012 EDT

Hi all,
Cool to see a New Zealand Etsy team!
I cant imagine how I'd get by without my etsy store. Some friends told me about it 4 years ago and I get a sale most days...

There are a lot of stores here on etsy so it is not easy to be seen. I was in Melbourne a few months ago and met the Aussie etsy rep at a market. She told me there are currently over 800,000 Etsy stores, and the number is growing (as are the number of customers thankfully!)

I found this link...My store is 14th placed Etsy store in NZ!

My tips for Etsy success are among many things

Best of luck to every one in the team!

Cheers, Jules

Posted at 6:05 am Jun 25, 2012 EDT

Hello everyone! Im new to this team :)

At the moment I am studying fine arts in town, work part time, and have this little etsy number on the side

I live just north of auckland. My store is a jumble of wire and crystal jewelry, tribal inspired ceramic ornaments and prints.. rustic electro or something similar..

I have a series of pottery bird heads that I am making at the moment that are inspired by new zealand wildlife

Please have a look at my shop!! :)

Posted at 12:53 am Jul 3, 2012 EDT

Robin says

Hello....we live in Invercargill....yeah...mmhhhmmm.......we know...

Posted at 5:05 am Jul 9, 2012 EDT

I'm a glass bead maker based in New Plymouth,( what part of the Naki are you Jen?) I've also begun dabbling in silversmith and metal work as well.
Joined etsy back in '08 but have been a bit sporadic in listing stuff, I'd also been divided with felt but have now decided to concentrate here and put in some real effort:)
I have a question, maybe for you Jules... do you spell in kiwi on here, ie jewellery, colour?

Posted at 5:54 am Aug 7, 2012 EDT

I'm in Kaponga Kristan. I'm really undecided in my spelling. I generally find myself spelling the Kiwi way, but I'm never sure if that's the right thing to do. I can't help but think that Americans might think that I'm just a really bad speller. I try to include both spellings in my tags though.

Posted at 3:38 pm Sep 17, 2012 EDT

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