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Also, I try to take a few minutes to favorite items that might go with my items. For example I just finished a Hawaiian Luau party invitation so I did a search for Hawaiian Luau & hearted a couple of items such as Hawaiian themed cookies. I only pick out things that I truly like & hearting an item "links" my shop name with the item I've hearted making it more likely that I will be found based on association.

When one of my items gets a heart I click on the shop/person who hearted my stuff & check out their other "favorite" items. I find lots of stuff I like & find interesting based on people who heart my items. Often times the items are so unique that I wouldn't have found them otherwise... things I didn't know I wanted... until I saw them ;-)

I hope this makes sense.

Posted at 3:53 am Jul 24, 2012 EDT

My shop opened on 2/12/12. So I'm new as well. This is what I have done to make myself seen. Use all 13 tags!! That was hard for the first 5 items and then I got the hang of it and now they come easily. I looked at all kinds of shops on Etsy to read and read and read their discriptions, profiles and policies. Not to copy, but to get the idea in my mind of how to promote myself. I've opened a Facebook Page for my shop, I "Pin" every item. As for the Photography.... my items have sold with and without the pro shot. But my attempts at photography of my items has greatly improved!! My views are always higher on items with an awesome Photograph!

I know the frustration of the Views! Keep at it, the sales will come!

Posted at 1:23 pm Jul 25, 2012 EDT

Are you in many teams? I find being in teams helps with other members on etsy seeing your shop. The more people get a chance to see what you have to offer the more your shop will get exposure. Your items in your shop are beautiful.


Posted at 8:03 am Jul 28, 2012 EDT

As far as joining teams go, my shop is a three person shop, myself and my two adult daughters. Do you have any family members or friends that you might like to invite you to help with your business?

It works really well for us, because I love silversmithing and photography so I make our silver jewelry and photograph it as well as maintain our silversmithing team memberships.

One of my daughters is a graphic designer and loves (really loves) to browse shops and pintrest. She photoshops my photos so they really pop and creates the treasury lists and maintains the non-silversmithing team memberships. She creates quality treasury lists with good items with good photos and tries whenever possible to include items from shops that may not be having as many sales because they just haven't been found yet. Trust me, that is a full time job in and of itself.

My other daughter maintains our facebook pages for our business and does other marketing strategies.!/AbishEssentials

We all three have pinterest accounts and pin stuff on a daily basis, which really seems to help a lot (really a lot).

One of the best things I ever learned is that without marketing, a business dies. Not everyone has the support of family like I do, but if you do, it really is worth the effort to get them to help you with your business. I love working with my daughters, it's a system that works for us, and it takes the load off of me, because I couldn't do it all by myself.

Posted at 5:19 pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT

Aaron @ Quinn Imagery-

Finally had the opportunity to take a look through your shop. From what I see there are numerous opportunities for you to optimize many of your titiles and tags.

Joining teams, making treasuries and adding people to your circle all help to a limited extent, but they only produce views from WITHIN Etsy. Every shop owners goal should be to access the multitude of sales that exist OUTSIDE of Etsy. That means tweaking your shop/listings to get the best SEO possible so that you are indexed and ranked by all the search engines.

Here is an example of how your titles can be improved-

Current title- Photo Rose Pink Dew Drops Fine Art Photography Flower Macro 5x7 Pink Diamonds"

Suggested revision-"Pink rose photograph Macro flower photography 5x7 photo"

If you have any questions or would like more help please feel free to contact me here at the team.


Posted at 8:04 pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT

Mary from Marpet3425 says

Aaron, your shop is wonderful! Follow your heart as you have, it's working for you. You've gotten some wonderful support here. I think it requires just a bit of patience; building it in increments. I just wrote my secondary "about" page & that is linked to the msg on my shop banner. I approached it from a "process over product" viewpoint. My hits have increased exponentially since then!! From another Oregonian...Mary

Posted at 3:14 am Aug 2, 2012 EDT

Topic now closed

Posted at 7:42 am Aug 3, 2012 EDT

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