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Original Post

So I just read on another forum that when being sorted for search one of the ways etsy picks what gets found is based on the amount of sales you get.
The more sales you have the better chances you have of getting a higher rating in search???

Does anyone know if this is correct?

Posted at 9:49pm Sep 16, 2012 EDT



None of the reading I have done indicates that sales figure into the algorithm for search. The is some speculation that views and hearts have a very minute influence, but I have not read any information indicating the number or $$ of sales affects search results.


Posted at 9:05am Sep 17, 2012 EDT

Ok Thanks. The only thing I thought that may relate to that is that the more sales you have, the more views you potentially have, which means in general you are getting more exposure which may be the thinking behind this. I'm still trying to understand all of this relevancy and search.
I've done searches for my items and get really confused on the logic of how some people get put ahead of others when when the tags don't seem to match.

Posted at 10:07am Sep 17, 2012 EDT

I agree....I have done searches and seen people with titles that have NONE of the words I have searched for and they are listed before me. It can be really frustrating!!

Posted at 3:07pm Sep 17, 2012 EDT


Relevancy searching basically is a "best match" situation. That means that the item title that best matches the search term is the one that is at the top of the list. Now, there are indeed, other items that factor into the ranking equation. One of them is the tags, if the item whose title best matches the search term ALSO has a tag that is a duplicate of the title (which is now 2 items that best match the initial search term) that item gets even more weight than another item who only had an item title matching for example:

Using one of your items:

Lets say someone entered the search term: Orange Fall Wreath

On the list of returns were:

Poppy Fall Thanksgiving Wreath - Orange with Berries (your item)


Fall Grapevine Wreath - Fall Wreath

Both of these returns would be correct , but if you had a tag that said "orange wreath" you would be ranked higher that the other listing, even though both of you had the term "fall wreath" in your titles.

Does that help in any way?


Posted at 3:45pm Sep 20, 2012 EDT

OH, that is really interesting, Pat. I did not know that. So some of those I looked at and didn't know why they turned up it was probably their tags. So we should have a tag that basically describes our item? I think I need to do that. Ah, one more thing to do to my tags! LOL

Posted at 6:03pm Sep 20, 2012 EDT

that does help. thank you!!!

Posted at 7:42pm Sep 24, 2012 EDT

Judith says

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Posted at 10:39am Sep 25, 2012 EDT