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Original Post

Hey everyone! We are trying to figure out what would be best for our team. Since Etsy keeps making new rules that are making it harder for us to run the BNR we are trying to figure out what the best option would be for our team. Here are a few suggestions we've come up - let us know what you think!

Should we stick it out and keep going as is?

Should we be running the BNR more often?

Should we merge with another team to get new buyers and more options?

What do you think?

Posted at 9:56 am Apr 4, 2012 EDT


I Love the idea of merging with another team! It is hard to do more BNRs because they go through such dry spells!

Posted at 9:49 pm Apr 4, 2012 EDT

i think that's a great idea as well, nicole!

Posted at 9:01 am Apr 5, 2012 EDT

I agree with merging. Consolidating keeps things more active.

Posted at 6:46 pm Apr 5, 2012 EDT

Sabrina says

I agree with merging

Posted at 10:00 pm Apr 5, 2012 EDT

I think merging is a great solution. It is often hit or miss for the same ppl to attend.

Posted at 5:09 pm Apr 6, 2012 EDT

any ideas who we'd merge with, Jennifer?

Posted at 11:30 am Apr 7, 2012 EDT

Merging is a great idea. Etsy is no longer counting out comments and has said that it is alright for us to continue with our bnr games. I have been doing this for along time now and one thing that I have noticed is that bnrs that are run at the same times do better than just opening up whenever. Also, I have noticed that those that run 4 to 5 hours fair much better. Nobody wants to buy into a bnr and then have it close, even if you do get carried over. There are those that take the bnrs very seriously, those that want sales, and those that just find them to be fun. It takes time to build up people who follow and participate in your event, so you have to be patient.
Having prizes and guessing games, trivia questions are fun and hold peoples attention.

One thing that I think matters is the buy in amount. If you are starting out, just do a no minimum, because you will attract more people. Those teams that have $5 and $10 buy ins are hard core players.

If you have frequent and consistent events, you will attract a following and maybe get more team members. I like bnrs, because the sales are more impulse sales and for my shop that works out great.

You may know "Martini", she ran bnrs day after day, all day long. She was home bedridden and got bored. She was loaded with people buying in, day after day. She had a no minimum buy in amount. Then she went back to work and cut back and put a $3 minimum, and now has very few bnrs with low attendance.

Grandma has a nice little bnr just about everyday, no minimum, no games, just chat and she is building up quite a following. I have sold very well there.

Think about bnrs that you have attended and you have enjoyed and consider if there was something they were doing that was attracting people. How often do they run, is it a team, just what exactly brought you there and what did you like about it.

Sorry, I think indepth...


Posted at 7:48 pm Apr 8, 2012 EDT

very great advice, Donna!

Posted at 7:52 pm Apr 8, 2012 EDT

I like the idea of merging too. The more the merrier & the larger the group, bnr'ing brings more to the FUN.

Posted at 8:11 pm Apr 8, 2012 EDT

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