The Vintage Corner Vintage Directory - NEW and CHEAP!

Who can join?

The Vintage Corner is a moderated team with the following requirements:

etsy VINTAGE sellers, sorry its not that we don't love handmade, its just there are several teams that feature handmade items, our team focuses soley on vintage items!!

Hello and welcome, this is a no pressure team! You can post as little or as often as you like. We ask that when you DO post that you fav as many other items as you can, its good karma and will come back to you! Etsy tracks favorites and the more favorites an item has the higher it is boosted seaches.

DO NOT START NEW THREADS!!!---its not that we don't love new ideas, its just we have several threads started we ask that you post in the appropriate thread. If you have an idea for a thread please let us know.

RESPECT OTHER TEAM MEMBERS---last time I checked we were all adults here, so please lets all use our manners and be on our best behavior :)


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Original Post

I decided to add a directory to the blog. I discovered such directories exist, but are very expensive for small shops and do not offer the ability to update info. The Vintage Directory is open to all Etsy shops in good standing that sell vintage or handmade items. The one-time fee is $15 and allows once a month updates and a photo. A free blog listing in the upcoming vintage and handmade blog directory and blog post to promo your shop are included with a paid directory listing through the end of this month.

I wanted to offer an inexpensive advertising opportunity for fellow vintage lovers!

Posted at 12:55pm May 11, 2012 EDT