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Mad Men Inspiration has the following requirements:

Anyone who is a fan of Mad Men is obviously welcome, but this team is specifically for those who are meticulous about authenticity as the set designers for the show are!

I've split the discussions to showcase each character. Think about what each character would like to wear, or have in their home. Do a little research! This is a fun game!

Items that are not authentic to the time frame between 1955-1965 (until the next season, anyway) will not be accepted for showcasing, unless it's posted specifically under the discussion for "Items inspired by Mad Men." Once Season 5 starts up, we can start listing those items as well.

Specifically looking for authentic clothing, accessories, housewares, and literature from the time period. What do you have out there? What have you seen?

If you want to do a Mad Men Treasury, simply tag it "madmenteam" and share! Tag your items "madmenteam" so others can make treasuries of your midcentury and Mad Men-inspired things!

I'm not a huge stickler for rules and team obligations (I know you have lives) but my only rule is to stick to the correct time frame, don't start any discussion threads that are irrelevant to this team's theme, and be accurate! I'm glad you joined!

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Original Post

We all know most of them involve drinking glasses. But there's some really awesome stuff in the props department!

Posted at 12:58pm Aug 22, 2011 EDT