BNRbuzzed Treasury Comment Limits

Who can join?

BNRbuzzed has the following requirements:

please look them over!

*by joining our team you not only must love BNRs, but you must enjoy SHOWING up to the BNR and helping promote the BNR. ex: facebook-twitter-blogs-favoriting us-other teams

*submit and accept that our convos from the curator account, BNRbuzzed, and our leaders shops: CraftsFromDWolfeLair, and LAwomanGEAR are not spam but are simply convos to help make you aware of upcoming BNRs, and info for the team.

*provide a e-mail address to the team leaders for the NEW and IMPROVED e-mail list for our team

*PLEASE do NOT START new DISCUSSION threads, they are only to be started by team leaders. IF you start a new discussion thread it will be deleted and closed. Constant offenders will be deleted off team.
=the whole idea of this is to keep one post threads to a bare minimum, and we have already set up discussions where you can post=

*and most of all....BRING A POSITIVE attitude! ;-) we are here to have hassle, drama free....and no problems mon! we want you to meet some cool folks, make some sales, and have a smile on your face along the way.....NEGATIVE NANCIES and DEBBIE DOWNERS will not be tolerated....and will be deleted immeadiately no exceptions!

THANKS for your interest in our team! and lets get the party started!

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Original Post

Etsy has now implemented a new policy limiting comments to 100 in a 24 hours period for treasuries, this includes BNS/BNr's. I have started a petition on to request that etsy rescind this policy. Please help by signing this petition. Here is the link

Posted at 6:53 pm Mar 30, 2012 EDT


Jen says

I've seen this on several teams today. Etsy's reasoning is to stop "spam" in the treasuries. I've never seen spam in any treasury. I know I don't want to risk my shop being closed though.

Posted at 7:56 pm Mar 30, 2012 EDT

We will find a way around this. Just like we have found a way to get around the 500 character comment limit.

Posted at 8:19 pm Mar 30, 2012 EDT

so it's 100 comments on the treasury? not 100 comments for a person? I'm so confused

Posted at 9:24 am Mar 31, 2012 EDT

When you click on Community on the first page comes this statement from Etsy:

"Etsy is more than a marketplace: we're a community of artists, creators, collectors, thinkers and doers.

Join a team, share ideas, attend an event in your area, join a streaming workshop or watch an archived one."

Funny how they want to stiffle the community, hurt the teams, and prohibit attending events in our area. The web site and the teams are our community and our areas. The BNS/R's are mini-craft shows where sellers get together to exchange ideas, make friends, and help promote each other. Participating in BNS/R's is the only thing that has helped me get noticed and sales on etsy. The ad's didn't help and regular treasuries are rarely noticed, I hope they change their minds. Not one thread today on main forums today, and old threads appear to be gone!! What are we to do???

Posted at 10:47 am Mar 31, 2012 EDT

I agree with you Marsha. I have made more sales since I started participating in the BNR's. I have no clue what etsy is thinking.

Posted at 10:49 am Mar 31, 2012 EDT

Where's the sense of community in this bizarre new rule? If there was a "like" button or <3 for your comment Marsha...I'd press it!

It's my understanding their reason behind this bold move is to eliminate treasury/BNR/BNS "spamming".....all they have done now is basically categorize our participation as "spamming". It is a known fact a great deal of sales on Etsy are from BNR/BNS, so I'm just dumbfounded that they are cutting their nose to spite their face. Doesn't make any sense at all!

Posted at 1:53 pm Mar 31, 2012 EDT

If we like "spam" we should be allowed to have it!!!

Posted at 4:00 pm Mar 31, 2012 EDT

It's three in the morning and I can't sleep so take this with a grain of salt. If I had "balls" I'd post my comment on main forum page and ask them to change their statement. For they don't mean it!

Look at the weather report on main forum page to see how much money they made in February alone. Over 2 million in fees (3.5% x 50.8 million in sales) and almost another 1/2 million in listing fees. Just for February.

Just like when they started cracking down on the convo's it blew over, I guess this will to, but I was so looking forward to late summer and fall for the bns's and when I have all my xmas stuff listed. Makes you just not want to make stuff. Sorry - again it is now 3:30 am and I am tired. Have a great day!


Posted at 3:27 am Apr 1, 2012 EDT

I too do not totally understand it...,makes no sense as far as I can tell..I too have gotten both sales from BNR's and BNS's...Plus, not only have more learned of my shop,but I have found many friends along the way..I too hope it blows over and enough complain that they will change their minds on this goofy rule...The rule won't stop those of us who want to join in and have fun from doing it,but it does make it a little tougher....

Have yourself a wonderful evening!

Posted at 6:49 pm Apr 2, 2012 EDT

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