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Hello everyone! Would anyone be interested in critiquing my shop? Thank you!

Posted at 11:46am Mar 1, 2012 EST

kristy from Eviely says

Hi Kristie, love your name:) And your braclets are too cute. The only suggestion I have is to maybe take your pictures on a solid light colored background. This may help your pictures not look too busy and you may be able to see the product a little better. Other than that, cute shop!!

I would be up for getting a critique also!

Posted at 4:11pm Mar 6, 2012 EST

Meghan from BabyBin says

Super cute shop! I love the leggings - absolutely adorable. :) I would suggest making sure that you always have 4 items featured at the top of your shop. I normally have 6 or 7 selected so that if one of the featured items sell, it is automatically replaced. A few of your pictures are a little dark, but other than that, your shop is great! :)

A critique for us would be nice please.

Posted at 11:39am Mar 7, 2012 EST