Shop Help Just spent about an hour redoing my pictures... feedback?

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Original Post

Andrea says

I just went through and took screenshots of all my designs and then photoshopped them onto a wood texture background so that everything is consistent and looks a little better than my photographs of the printed photos. (But of course, I still left the normal photos on there, just not in the first position)

Can anyone take a look and tell me what you think? I need an unbiased opinion haha :)

Thank you!

Posted at 12:37am Jun 28, 2012 EDT


I think the wood back ground looks really cool. It does look consistent and professional but also really nice looking.

Posted at 1:08am Jun 28, 2012 EDT

Andrea says

Consistency and professionalism is what I really wanted to go for. Thanks! Glad you like it :)

Posted at 1:20am Jun 28, 2012 EDT

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