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Original Post

A thread for general chit-chat, about whatever! :)

Posted at 8:50 am Sep 1, 2011 EDT


fabthomson says

I had a sale these last night, on these
I was readt for giving up on etsy aswell so I am happy xx

Posted at 6:18 am Sep 22, 2011 EDT

Congrats. They're really pretty. I'm sure it'll be the first of many for you:)
it brings bring back fond memories for me of our vw, really wish we'd kept it.

Posted at 11:30 am Sep 22, 2011 EDT

I always loved the look of VW vans! They are very cute fabthomson!

Posted at 6:00 am Sep 24, 2011 EDT

fabthomson says

I have just reduced these lovely personalised pink hearts and stars

Posted at 5:20 am Oct 11, 2011 EDT

Shelley says
Edited on Oct 21, 2011

I just popped in to say hello, i'm Shelley.

I've been an ebay shopper for a little while and decided this last week to have my own little sales place... I spent most the week lookin for a team... so many are invitation or application only. I'm not certain what teams do.. but i'll learn :) I was proper happy to discover yours. I love very much the all and everythings you all create. They're beautifilled.

I'm tryin to work on presentation of photos... i live in Cleethorpes, it's gloomy, barely any natural light, and i'm havin to use my mobile to take pics... can't afford a camera so i'm goin to have to discover some tips to takin good photos!

Am proper pleased to meet you all.

Shelley [big smile-ee face]

Posted at 12:16 pm Oct 21, 2011 EDT

Hi Shelley,
warm welcome.
I think your items are really lovely. I hope you don't mind me saying I think you could charge a bit more. If you can get more items in your shop I'm sure you'll do really well especially with Christmas coming. I think your photos are really good (maybe a little bit dark but you can work with that on the computer)
If I can be of any help just convo.
Ann x

Posted at 2:11 pm Oct 21, 2011 EDT

I've decided to have a sale. All items in my shop have 20% off when you use the coupon code '7daysale' This is valid from today 26th October until Wednesday 2nd of November xo

Posted at 1:42 pm Oct 26, 2011 EDT

Yay! I found a felty group! Hello, i'm Lora and i love felt....Candy and I have just set up a fibre shop but we'll soon be adding our felty things. She used to run an art shop in town and i'd teach felt workshops, but now we've gone online. Thought i'd say hello and hope we can contribute to the group. :D

Posted at 11:22 am May 20, 2012 EDT

Sue Avery says

Hello! I LOVE felt! I've only recently started using it but it's so much fun to work with. At the moment I'm making a memory game type of thing and the little shapes I'm putting on the square remind me a lot of fuzzy felt....

Posted at 11:27 am Jun 6, 2012 EDT

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