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Original Post

Use this thread to discuss the felt you use, how you use it, share tips, advice, recommend, give reviews etc etc :)

Posted at 8:50 am Sep 1, 2011 EDT


i absolutely love using felt, its sturdy, feels nice and looks amazing when youve finished your item.

I buy the echo friendly felt from ebay and it comes in all colours.

check out my keyrings on hunnybunnybees,

Posted at 4:04 pm Sep 11, 2011 EDT

Have you always used eco friendly felt?

Posted at 6:26 pm Sep 11, 2011 EDT

no not always, i did use 'normal' felt, a few years ago that i brought from a market stall but i really prefer the eco style and im doing my little bit for the environment.

have you tried it yourself? x

Posted at 3:06 pm Sep 12, 2011 EDT

I haven't, no. I am looking into bamboo felt though :) I want to try eco-felt too but that shall have to wait until I have some more money to spare! :)

Posted at 6:49 pm Sep 17, 2011 EDT

Hello ladies, thank you for having me in the team. My name is Ann and I'm from the Rhondda Valley, Wales. I opened about a week ago but haven't been able to get a fraction of my items in yet-it's more complicated than I thought.
Mostly I knit and felt but if I use wet felt(as in my egg cups) I do make my own felt from merino wool tops- have any of you made your own?
Bamboo felt sounds really interesting, I've never heard of it before.

Posted at 2:54 am Sep 18, 2011 EDT

Well my friend whom I get the majority of my materials from told me about it the other day. It sounds fab! Once she has some in stock I will undoubtedly buy it from her to try out!

Posted at 8:55 am Sep 18, 2011 EDT

SewShaw says

i normally use the bog-standard felt, but i have made my own felt, by accident.
i had a gorgeous lambswool jumper, my dad put it in the dryer ! eeek! but it made lovely felt, i used it to make this:

Posted at 2:40 pm Sep 18, 2011 EDT

Thanks really lovely :) I don't think I would know where to start with felt that wasn't ready to use in sheet form ;)

Posted at 3:35 pm Sep 18, 2011 EDT

It's a really good stress reliever, lots of vigourous rolling ! It's really rewarding and there's loads of info on net ( I've got kits going into the shop soon) like most crafts though it's so addictive. My family joke that if it doesn't move I'll felt it...soap, stones I've tried them all.
I do love knitting and felting. Your heart is beautiful SewShaw ;)

Posted at 4:26 pm Sep 18, 2011 EDT

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