GoldenRoseCrafters Clicking for Sales

Who can join?

GoldenRoseCrafters is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Anyone who has an active store, wants to learn how to improve their store, and rise higher in the Search Engines, along with helping others.

We have very few rules; here are the ones we want observed.

1. Do NOT Start Threads. Look for one that fits your needs
2. Team Activities are here to encourage us to favorite each others stores, while having fun. This raises everyone higher in the Search Engines, therefore being found more frequently by potential customers.
3. Private Chat is a great place to get to meet other members and share in whatever way you desire.


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Done for today!

Posted at 9:55am Jul 29, 2012 EDT

Clicked for today!

Posted at 10:43am Jul 29, 2012 EDT

Done for today!

Posted at 1:42pm Jul 29, 2012 EDT

clicked for today!

Posted at 8:56pm Jul 29, 2012 EDT

I finished clicking for today!

Posted at 6:38pm Jul 30, 2012 EDT

Patty says


Posted at 10:39pm Jul 30, 2012 EDT

clickied for today.

Posted at 8:51am Aug 1, 2012 EDT

Done for today!

Posted at 4:34pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

clickety clack.....................done for today


Posted at 6:47pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

I clicked for today!

Posted at 9:12pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT