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Original Post

Hi there,

Just wanted to share with you my recent piece of work. VERY labour intensive but very very beautiful.

Skills included here were corsetry, applique of lace and masses of hand stitching and beading.

Hope you like it as much as my Etsy bride did. This is a photo Jill sent me of her very first trying on of her La Costurera wedding gown. I was really touched that she wanted to share this special moment with me!


Posted at 10:11am Sep 13, 2011 EDT


Absolutely amazing! What an exquisite gown!!! How long did it take to make from start to finish? I'm so happy you shared this with me. I love to see what people are working on and find out how they did it. Do you have the ability to video tape your work? It would be wonderful to share even two minutes of how you work the applique process or any part of the design process. You are very gifted and a superior craftswoman! Keep me posted and let me know if you would be willing and able to show a little of how you work. Totally inspirational design work! It's nice that your client sent pictures. That makes what you do worth it - I think.

Posted at 3:56pm Sep 14, 2011 EDT

Thanks for those lovely words! I will certainly try and get some form of documentation of my process. I always work under immense time pressure and regularly at all hours of the day and night just to keep up with my orders and commissions from not only online but also my regular local clients.

However, my daughter has just embarked upon a photographic course and maybe I can pursuade her to take some shots of me while I am working on one of my commissions to show some of the stages.

Posted at 7:16am Sep 15, 2011 EDT

I know how busy you must be and I admire your dedication and enthusiasm. I am working on the Resource Guide and will have the first publication ready by the end of this month. Let me know if there are any resources in particular, that you are looking for and I'll see what I can dig up. If you do get around to documenting anything, that would be great, but don't stress out over it. Working on your business is more important. Thanks for sharing and keep the photos coming. I will also have photographic help for members as well. If you need any tips, I will be glad to help.

God bless and have a great weekend.


Posted at 11:40am Sep 17, 2011 EDT

Thanks for that, Madeline

Hot off the sewing machine!

I did document some of the process of making my 'Queen Mab' gown if that would be of any benefit?

Posted at 3:13pm Sep 25, 2011 EDT

WOW - that's beautiful - so elegant and feminine. I love that the lace is sheer at the bottom - it makes the dress look ethereal.

Whatever you have to share, let me know, I would be happy to include it. I'm making quite a bit of progress and should have a pretty substantial resource list for the first publication. Most of my resources are based in NY, but you can order swatches from the fabric resources I have. If you need any specific resources, let me know.

Keep up the great work.


Posted at 9:02am Sep 27, 2011 EDT

Those wedding dresses beg for a pearl necklace to go with them. :-)

Just listed this one.
I can make a knotted pearl necklace in any length, with as many strands as the customer wants. I love working with pearls.

Posted at 10:17am May 2, 2012 EDT

Lynn Smith says

Absolutely breathtaking! I'm so amazed by all the talented people on Etsy. Very inspiring to see !

Posted at 8:59am May 27, 2012 EDT