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the team is for those who work in antlers or horns. also those who sell antler parts for others to make thier crafts.

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Original Post

Take a look at this guys work , it rocks. I have met him and seen his work at some shows .

Posted at 8:28am Dec 7, 2011 EST


wow, thats cool

Posted at 12:41am Dec 8, 2011 EST

hey happy new year

Posted at 9:11pm Jan 5, 2012 EST

4 th sale yesterday ..good stuff.

Posted at 9:35pm Jan 15, 2012 EST

Any thing goin on? shows comin up ? nice sales to report?

Posted at 9:48am Apr 25, 2012 EDT

things have been really slow the last 2 months, but i am just stock piling antlers so i have enough when it picks up

Posted at 10:15pm Apr 29, 2012 EDT

Just got my 10 th sale deerantler briefcase off to alberta canada and just posted a custom pouch ..also antler cinch closure , I am thinking I may have to buy some antler points from you Sam , If my local guys dont bring some by soon.

Posted at 10:52pm Apr 29, 2012 EDT

let me know, i'll make you a good deal

Posted at 12:49am May 1, 2012 EDT

Sam ,
I shared your shop on a blade team i just joined ,looks like Leif found you ,they where talkin about antler suppliers .

Posted at 9:55am May 9, 2012 EDT

he did find me, thanks so much. what is the group name?

Posted at 10:09am May 9, 2012 EDT

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