Holiday Hooligans Bnr's & bns you are In

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Holiday Hooligans has the following requirements:

Anyone who loves the Holidays! Christmas, New years, Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's, Easter, Valentines Day Those are mine But Hannukah too and whatever you celebrate as long as we respect each other.

We do not require participation but do encourage team work! Team treasuries and favoring others items increases all of our chances of being successful!

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Original Post

I just wanted to add a place we can post bnrs we are in so we can pop in and give you support by favoriting and tweeting!

Posted at 2:32am Nov 2, 2011 EDT


Another great idea! I am in my first BNS ever.... and would love the support from my team! Here is the link...

Posted at 6:58am Nov 2, 2011 EDT

Hi Nancy... I just favored each item in the treasury, favored the treasury itself, tweeted, and "liked" on Facebook. I also mentioned that you sent me... hope it helps!!!

Posted at 8:34am Nov 2, 2011 EDT

I just favorited and tweeted these!

Posted at 11:47am Nov 2, 2011 EDT

Thanks Julia! That one is now closed, but I'll be in the next round so I'll post that link as soon as I have it! :)

Posted at 12:44pm Nov 2, 2011 EDT

Here is my latest BNS! I'd love for my Christmas Angel team to go there and show some support for me!! Just leave a comment, "favorite" the treasury, and if you purchase... say that I sent you, please!! Thank You so much!

Posted at 7:05pm Nov 3, 2011 EDT

Julia Chibatar from angelsandcrafts says
Edited on Nov 4, 2011

I think this one ended today I was in the hospital with my mom I think it start again tomorrow and it features my Halloween shop

Posted at 5:09pm Nov 4, 2011 EDT

Jynxx from Jynxx says
Edited on Nov 5, 2011

This post has been removed.

Posted at 12:57pm Nov 5, 2011 EDT

Good Morning, Everyone...
Please check out the BNS I'm featured in and help promote! I'd really really appreciate it! Thank You! :)

Posted at 8:50am Nov 7, 2011 EST