Norwich. A Fine City. Where is your favorite place in Norwich?

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Original Post

So, if you could be anywhere in Norwich right now, where would you be?

My answer would have to be....

Franks Bar on a Sunday morning for brunch :D

Jarrolds art and craft department any day of the week!

Posted at 8:50pm Sep 24, 2011 EDT


I would have to say frank's bar too :)

Posted at 12:12pm Sep 25, 2011 EDT

Pea stall on the market! ;)

Posted at 4:11am Sep 26, 2011 EDT

Hmmm...not sure if the pea stall's there any more?? I haven't been around all of the market for a while though.

My favourite place is a tie between St James' Hill (Britannia Road) and the often unknown 'secret garden' of Ketts Heights (think that's what its called) on Ketts has fantastic views over the city.

Posted at 7:56am Sep 26, 2011 EDT

I have to agree with Jarrolds...I am quite obsessed with it. Craft, toys and food all on one floor!

Posted at 8:55am Sep 26, 2011 EDT

Tanky says

Looses, great fleamarket, I have to try and walk past for fear spending every last penny and filling my house up with yet more treasures! Although the pea stall is pretty darn good!

Posted at 2:25pm Sep 26, 2011 EDT

Hey Tanky! I used to live about 2 doors up from looses, behind Anglian Fashion Fabrics! I had to move somewhere bigger just to fit in all the beautiful junk I bought :S everyday i had to walk past that shop and restrain myself, most days I failed....

Posted at 1:00pm Sep 27, 2011 EDT

Tanky says

Ha ha, yes I know that problem very well, I walk past every day, it's hard!

Posted at 2:11am Sep 29, 2011 EDT

I love Anglian fashion fabric. You were lucky to live right by it.

Posted at 2:21am Jul 11, 2013 EDT

When i am in Norwich i always go to WH Smith as in my town they are always late getting knitting, crochet and craft magazines in, so i go there first. And also the Forum as it has a better library than mine in town. I do love living where i am but not good for shops etc.

Posted at 12:51pm Jul 17, 2013 EDT