Front PageTreasury Team Members

Who can join?

Front PageTreasury Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Anyone right now can join

ALL MEMBERS: Please read the UPDATE TO RULES thread


1. The threads that have been started by FRONT PAGE TREASURY (Captain) will be the only threads allowed in our team at this time. The Captain will be the only member that will start new threads. Any member that starts or that participates in a thread not started by the Captain will be subject to removal from the team.

2. If any member needs to ask a question, it may be only done in the QUESTIONS thread or you may send a convo to the Captain

3. When you come back to the team please read to see if there have been any updates to these rules since you have last read them. The updates will be in the UPDATE TO RULES thread.


5. There is only 1 thread for treasuries: it is for your BNR/BNS/GAME/ECT TREASURIES. Our Team Tag will be required if you are the curator (see TEAM TAG below)

There is not a requirement to feature members only in any of your posted treasuries. You may feature anyone's items that you'd like, members or non-members.


Regardless of what type of treasury you create and post, it must be tagged with our team tag exactly as show below:


Simply copy/paste the above tag into your tags section of your created treasury.

All treasuries that a curator posts, who is also a member of our team, must have this tag in place prior to posting the treasury into the team. The reason to have the tag installed in your treasury prior to posting it is that while you are commenting on the required number of treasuries above you, a leader my look at your posted treasury and if it is found without the tag, it will be temporally removed until it has been corrected. Under no circumstances will a treasury that has been temporally removed be reposted by a team member. After the member sends a convo to a leader with notification that the tag has been corrected, that treasury will be reactivated by the leader.

b. If members have multiple shops but not all of those shops are members of our team, then the only posted treasuries that will be allowed will be from the shops that are members. This does not apply to members who are promoting other non-members or members treasuries. If you have any questions on this rule, please post your question in the QUESTIONS thread or send a convo to the Captain.


There is not a requirement to comment into any of these types of treasuries and you may post as many of these treasuries as you wish into a single post.


6. Please only use the single above titled thread to post your items, do not start any new threads as mentioned above.

You may post multiple listings into a single post in this thread

a. If a member has multiple shops, those shops, or items in those shops, cannot be promoted in your postings unless those other shops are also members of this team.

b. No member will promote non-members shops or items.

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