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Hey again! Heading home tomorrow after a great long weekend with my family. I'll be around again to promote on Wed. Happy Memorical Day everyone!!

Posted at 11:53 am May 28, 2012 EDT

hey rock stars...i's my first time online at all!!! sorry, but it's been crazy today! the great garage clean up is going well. we've made a dent...yep, just a dent. it seems like it's going to take forever. and already FOUR neighbors (one we don't even know) have come to ask if they can put stuff in the dumpster! i'm like...really??? can't they wait till we put our crap in there first??? so that was irritating, but oh well.

moanas - omg i LOVE the new listing!!! just might have to get that one...i better not show it to my daughter yet...

powers - i made BOTH salsa and guac. yum.

just finished with dinner and dishes now. gonna take the kids for a walk. and then it's back to the mess that we call our garage! sorry i wasn't on a bit more today, but i'm ready for promoting tomorrow! ....oh...after my dentist visit, that is....

Posted at 9:08 pm May 28, 2012 EDT

Hey everyone! Been a busy , but good day. Hope you all had great days as well.

Posted at 10:08 pm May 28, 2012 EDT

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