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Original Post

I have a question for all of you and hopefully someone can help me out! I make and sell wreaths here on Etsy and I am a newbie! I received my first order and now I need to ship it. I thought I had it all figured out until I looked online for a postage estimate and it said it can't ship my box because it's too big (36x36x12"). The postal office said shipping that type of box would cost me around $50 and up!! How is everyone doing it at the cost of $20 to ship? My wreaths are the same size as many of yours and I am having trouble.

- where do you buy your wreath boxes from to ship?
- what type of shipping do you use?
- how much does it cost you to ship your wreaths?

Any advice would help!!

Thank you for taking the time and reading this!


Posted at 3:32pm Oct 24, 2012 EDT


what size is the wreath?

Posted at 7:17pm Oct 24, 2012 EDT

I measured wrong and its actually 30 inches

Posted at 10:44am Oct 25, 2012 EDT

How are you measuring? I am running into the SAME issue! =)

Posted at 11:27am Oct 26, 2012 EDT

I purchase my boxes from Uline. My biggest wreaths are about 18 inches. I order the 18x18x6. I use USPS Priority Mail. Shipping varies depending on where it is being shipped to. I generally charge $15.00 for shipping. I haven't exceeded that on an order yet.

Posted at 10:42pm Oct 30, 2012 EDT

I'm kind of late to the discussion, but I'm struggling with shipping too. I ordered my boxes from Uline and didn't pay attention that the dimensions are for the interior. The postal center measures up an inch if the box measures even just a hair over. I mail parcel post because priority is just too high. My boxes are 27x27x11. I just paid $23 for one package and $25 for another. Location made the difference as the packages were exactly the same size and weight. It's really frustrating to have to pay so much for something that doesn't way but just a few pounds.

I just bought a nice utility knife and will be experimenting with cutting my box down just a couple of inches. It will make a huge difference in price.

I ended up paying about $8 / box from uline. Shipping was overnight, but cost almost as much as the 20 boxes I ordered. May have to make the trip to pick up in their warehouse because that would be cheaper.

Posted at 5:24pm Nov 5, 2012 EST

Shipping is strange. So far (in my experience), priority mail has been cheaper than parcel post. I am not sure why. I accidentally chose Priority once, and switched it to parcel post and realized the cost was higher! So now I check both prices and every time priority has been cheaper.

Posted at 8:33pm Nov 6, 2012 EST

I think the smaller sizes can have an advantage, but once you get to the larger boxes it's ridiculous. I shipped a 20x20x12 yesterday and it was $33. That was for 4th class mail...priority was over $60. Weighed less than my burlap wreaths, but the 12" height brought the charge way up. The volume of the boxes matters much more than weight when it comes to shipping these wreaths.

Posted at 9:58pm Nov 6, 2012 EST

I make my own boxes from Home Depot boxes. I ship UPS and never have paid over $15. My boxes end up measuring 24x25x8. I picked these measurements because UPS, USPS and FedEx all have what is called "dimensional weight". I would suggest reading up on how each of these figure this before making or ordering boxes.

Posted at 9:59pm Nov 6, 2012 EST

Meghan says

From what Ive noticed, how deep the box is makes a huge difference in price... I make wreaths using 16x16x8 boxes and 20x20x6... i chose to get the 6 in depth on the 20x20 box vs the 8 in depth (which would have been a little better for packing my wreath come to find out) because of the huge difference in price in just those 2 inches for shipping. Its crazy! I typically always use Parcel Post, i only see affordable Priority prices if its shipping to a state near by me, Im on the east coast, but if I ship midwest or west... Priority is out of this world. I charge $13 for shipping and the closest Ive come to going over that with Parcel Post was a box I shipped to Hawaii.

Posted at 12:25pm Nov 14, 2012 EST