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Original Post

Hello fellow wreath-makers! My name is Jamie, I'm new to the team (and Etsy for that matter). I've been making wreaths/centerpieces for a while now for fun and recently decided to make a couple extra bucks with them. I'm still in the process of setting up my shop and everything (I'm actually trying to finish 2 more wreaths first).
So I have a concern about shipping my wreaths. How do I ship them safely to ensure things won't fall off/get damaged in the process? And where do you get your boxes for the bigger wreaths?

Thanks so much for your guidance,

Posted at 9:09am Oct 18, 2011 EDT


I got to the Container Store for boxes- they have a lot of square boxes with low profiles (12x12x4, 14x14x4, etc), and they have larger flatter shipping boxes as well. The 12'' and 14'' boxes are under $2.00 a piece, but the larger ones 18'' and up, tend to be $5 or more. I've also found that cake or cupcake boxes (get at kitchen supply stores or online) often have good dimensions for wreaths. Hope that helps!

Posted at 2:40pm Nov 9, 2011 EST

Thx for the container store recommendation! I am making a wreath for a Christmas gift and I was wondering what I was going to wrap it in! One of these days I'll list my items here too. Thanks again Barbara

Posted at 8:23pm Nov 11, 2011 EST

Is there any place to get even bigger boxes? Like: 28x28x10 or 32x32x10?

Posted at 10:50pm Nov 14, 2011 EST

I buy gift basket clear bags to put them in, then I tape them into a box. I found some boxes at Walmart. I just cut the sides down some.

Posted at 4:50pm Nov 17, 2011 EST

I struggle sometimes, since my wreaths are not traditionally shaped. I've found that with a little creativity, I can use a box that is a little bit larger than a priority mail box - or if necessary, spread out the tails a little so they can fit into that priority mail box.

Posted at 6:33pm Nov 30, 2011 EST

I use ULine.com to purchase custom sized cardboard boxes for shipping my wreaths. It was $40 for 25 boxes. They are sturdy, and you can choose any dimension you want. They are delivered the next day. I use a 15"x5"x15" box to ship my 14" wreaths. I use newsprint paper from U-Haul to pack my wreaths for transport. It comes in a box of 140 sheets. My wreaths weigh about 4 pounds, and I charge $10 for US shipping via USPS Parcel Post. My shipping costs across the country are almost always under that amount or just a few cents above it. Hope that helps!

Posted at 8:07am Dec 7, 2011 EST

I buy in bulk off ebay, you can get any size you want...

Posted at 12:07am Feb 20, 2012 EST

I do almost the exact same thing as Amy. I used uline to get boxes. They were the cheapest I found (but still excellent quality) and delivered next day! They have all sizes too. I also ship USPS Parcel Post.

Posted at 9:56pm Feb 22, 2012 EST

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