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DonnaMarie says

Thanks so much for the info, I will try uline also. It's so hard to get an inexpensive box for a wreath.

Posted at 7:48pm Apr 6, 2012 EDT

I have been searching for an affordable way to package and ship my wreaths. Thanks for all the info, it has greatly helped me as well. :)

Posted at 5:35pm Jul 26, 2012 EDT

Uline and the Container Store are both great. I recycle my neighborhoods old newspapers as packing materials. They seem to work real well when crinkled and refolded with extra in the corners and sides so the wreath (I work with drieds) doesn't move around and shed too much. I ship USPS as well.

Posted at 12:08pm Jul 29, 2012 EDT

Thank you for the info! Most helpful!

Posted at 5:24pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT

I ask around local stores for the big boxes they have. I get hubby to cut them to size if they are a bit big. I ship UPS and have never had one to be over $15. UPS includes Tracking # and Insurance up to $100. I have been checking into Uline to see how affordable their big boxes are.

Posted at 8:02pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT

Great question, I've wondered the same thing. Thanks for posting! Love the container store! :)

Posted at 2:44am Aug 13, 2012 EDT

I use Uline. I'm lucky in that I live close enough to place an online order for pickup, so I don't have to pay them to ship the boxes to me.

Posted at 10:53pm Aug 15, 2012 EDT

Hi posters: thanks for all the info. Iit's helped me a lot being a beginner. I've been actually looking for places here in the area but they don't have what I need.

Uline so far is good while the other one recommended, there's one that I want to get but it's not available online. Once again thanks for you all's inputs.

Posted at 6:51pm Oct 17, 2012 EDT

Another good tip for shipping wreaths is that I punch 2 holes in the back of the box at several locations. At each location, poke both ends of a long pipe cleaner into the holes of the box from the outside. Wrap it around the wire of the wreath or the grapevine and twist a few times. Then write a note to the buyer just above each tie location saying "UNTIE HERE" with an arrow pointing to the pipe cleaner location. On the outside of the box, place a piece of packing tape over the pipe cleaner so that it doesn't get torn off.

This works really well for wreaths with unbreakable items. It keeps the wreath from shifting and the bow(s) from smushing, depending on the wreath, you might not even need any other packing materials inside the box.

Posted at 1:19am Oct 20, 2012 EDT

Meghan says

good advice on tying the wreath down! I hadnt thought of that... I also use uline... I like them alot so far!

Posted at 12:41pm Nov 14, 2012 EST