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Original Post

judy from jmkraige says

I'm getting ready to do a trade props for photos but I still have questions I need answered before I do it. How do you list a trade item in your shop (or do you) so you have a record of it? When I send my item to the photographer how do I know they are going to follow through? Do you just send it then pray? I have not done this before so I don't know the best way to do it. Any answer from the pros would help.

Posted at 12:21pm Aug 25, 2012 EDT


When doing photo trades, I have a trade listing and encourage my client to also make a custom listing for their item(s). That way we both have proof of the transaction and can leave feedback.

Posted at 4:26pm Aug 25, 2012 EDT

Jenn says

I'm not sure exactly how to protect yourself but I'd look at their page and see that it looks legit. Maybe make some rules for yourself. I did that because I was getting a lot of requests to shoot products and I didn't want to go all out on a shoot for a $5 headbow in return. I would just make something that specifys how you'd like to do things and stating that they shouldn't accept the booking if they can't produce the images within 2 weeks or less. Maybe state that they will be billed for the product if it goes longer than a month unless other arrangements have been discussed prior.

Anyway, not sure how it hold up but at least they'll know you want someone that doesn't just grab it with no intention of fulfilling it. Hopefully you can find some good photogs you can trust.

Good luck, Jenn

Posted at 4:42pm Sep 3, 2012 EDT

Micaela says

hmm, that's a good question! honestly, i've never even thought about it in that way. i have worked with several photographers who started out as my customers, so there was a built-in level of trust and mutual respect, and i'm in the process of working with several more (some of you lovely ladies, even!). i can truthfully say i've never doubted the integrity of anyone with whom i'm trading. i haven't made any listings either. maybe i'm naive... who knows! i mail out my items and trust the photography will be good. i choose to work with people whose work i respect and admire, and i usually let the photographer decide what to do with my items rather than specify exactly what i need. i'm usually working with people who have an established business and a reputation to uphold (just like me) so we both have a lot at stake! i think that's the most important aspect in a good trading relationships.... having parties who are equally invested in the process and in the outcome.

Posted at 7:45am Sep 5, 2012 EDT