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Original Post


Posted at 4:41pm Sep 28, 2011 EDT


♥ ♡ ♥ A Great Cabbit Hunt of 2012 Hippity Hup'date from Molly the Cabbit--

"Peek-a-boo, my 1st hiding spot was on the 3rd photograph of the rainbow flag toy, congrats to everyone who found me. I've hopped to a new spot just moments ago, come find me again for another entry to win over $160 in toys and prizes for you and your favorite feline!"

Visit for the latest updates and occasional hiding spot hints. No purchase necessary, just have fun and hunt the cabbit!

Posted at 6:34pm Mar 5, 2012 EST

Today's new listings is .... (drumroll please..... tadadadadadadadada.....)
Visit my facebook page for this month's exclusive Facebook coupon code to receive an additional 20% off ALL items, including THIS scratching post as well as over 40 items already deeply discounted in the sale section of my store,

Cheers & Meow =^.,.^=

Posted at 8:22pm Mar 6, 2012 EST

The unseasonably warm weather in Iowa this week inspired a few springtime cat toys....
Visit to receive an exclusive coupon code good for 20% off all store items through March, including daffodils for kitty!

Posted at 10:59pm Mar 8, 2012 EST