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Original Post

OK, folks - 99% of you have something pinned on the Arts Business Institute Pinterest board at
unless your shop was empty.

I received this nice note from Rachel L. of Hen and Chick, and thought I would share it with everyone:

Hi Carolyn! Thanks for the follow on Pinterest! I followed Artsbiz, too. Just a tip that I recently learned: if you click the "Pin It" button directly from Etsy, it will give the shop name in the pin description, which is such an essential way to credit the artist! If you're worried about the price in the corner, just delete the numbers in the pin description before you post. I hope this helps. Your page looks like a brilliant way to promo Etsy sellers, and giving the shop name is just a really great way to make that even better! Thanks for your hard work!
Rachel L.

I've learned that some other great ways to get more traction from Pinterest are:

1. use #hashtags in the description, and the link to the item for sale, even though it can also be accessed by clicking the image
2. make sure to use keywords that pertain to your image, and in your profile
3. Put a "follow me on Pinterest" button on your own website.

Do you have other ideas to get great traffic on Pinterest? Please share!

Posted at 10:01pm Jul 30, 2012 EDT


GalleriaDiGiani says
Edited on Jul 31, 2012

I approach Pinterest the same way I approach the rest of social media. The boards that I create speak to my target market.

I also make sure and tweet whenever I make a new board, and I link items from my boards on tumblr posts as well.

Whenever one of the fashion designers I follow on twitter discusses an item, and I have it on Pinterest, I respond to them, letting them (and my followers and all their followers) that I already had it pinned, and provide the link.

I've had designers, like Anna Sui "like" their pins on my board as a result, so their Pinterest followers see that too.

I try to keep it all tied together.

Posted at 9:35am Jul 31, 2012 EDT

Coco from CocoBags says

Thanks for allo these wonderful tips! I am following ABI now but don't know enugh about Pinterest to repin etc.

Couple of questions: Can I pin something from Etsy onto one of the ABI boards or do I have to pin it to one of my own boards?

When I repin an item from the existing ABI boards, (like the Etsy board), can I direct it to a particular board anywhere?

Posted at 2:47pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT

Carolyn Edlund says
Edited on Jul 31, 2012


You cannot pin anything to one of the ABI boards, or anyone else's boards but your own - but you can Like or Comment on other people's boards.

If you repin an image, you can put it on any one of your boards that you like, but not on someone else's boards.

One of the best ways that you can get images out there is to follow people and invite friends (do that here and to make comments and like other people's boards. They will often reciprocate.

And, if you do pin one of your items, put the price in the description, using a dollar sign. This will cause that items to show up in the Gifts section on Pinterest, giving it extra exposure.

Posted at 4:34pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT


Posted at 6:53am Aug 1, 2012 EDT

Thanks for the great tip on using the $ sign on the price to cause it to show up in the Gifts section on Pinterest! I am going to add that to the price on our magnets that we have on our boards.

The Magnificent Magnet

Posted at 8:15am Aug 10, 2012 EDT

ABI published this article yesterday on our blog:

Pinterest Tips for Artists.

Check it out!

Posted at 9:12am Aug 14, 2012 EDT

good tips! I just read a detailed article with 56 tips just for Pinterest! :D
here's a link if anyone is interested:

Posted at 10:26am Aug 18, 2012 EDT

Yay! Thanks, Esra.

Posted at 3:56pm Aug 18, 2012 EDT