Pratt Institute Eva Zeisel Passes Away atthe Age of 105

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Original Post

Yesterday, on December 31st, 2011, I heard that Eva Zeisel had passed away. Eva taught a landmark course in the Industrial Design department Pratt back in the forties - I believe the first to teach ceramics as a slip casting art, which is where my father learned the slip-casting craft, that we carry on today at Andersen Studio in East Boothbay Maine. Dad and Eva were also very close colleges.

Eva started as the head of the Russian ceramics industry but she was arrested and accused of a plot to assassinate Stalin. I have no idea of the truth of that accusation, but as my father tells the story, she was saved due to a group in America that worked to get artists and intellectuals out of Russia. AS I recall my father said that both she and her mother were saved in this way and so Eva ended up in the New York City area where she had a long and illustrious career as a ceramic designer. I expect that we will see many articles coming out in many magazines commemorating her work as even in her hundreds, she was at the top of her field and still a popular feature in well read contemporary magazines.,0,6064999...

Posted at 7:59am Jan 1, 2012 EST


Emily says

Thanks so much for sharing this. Eva was a luminary in the field and will be missed!

Posted at 11:30am Jan 3, 2012 EST

Just saw this post, thank you for highlighitng Eva Zeisel. It's unfortunate that greater attention wasn't paid to her passing.

A design heroine!

Posted at 1:20pm Jan 18, 2012 EST

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