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Summer weight fingerless gloves with thumb. Perfect for the too cool office, texting gloves, cell phone and soft touch screen friendly. Pink and light lavender with a mini cable pattern. Vegan. Seamless. Machine wash.

Posted at 9:22am Jun 4, 2012 EDT

Handmade zippered pouch. 10" x 5"
Crochet accessory or knitting accessory bag.
Washable makeup bag.
Dark cornflower blue cotton with small white flowers.

Posted at 1:23pm Jun 6, 2012 EDT

Handmade knitting bag or crochet bag. WIP, KIP or craft tote bag. Lined, padded, inside pockets and carry strap. Tan on black cotton print fabric. Take your projects public with this practical and useful mobile knitting or crochet bag.

Posted at 9:04am Jun 11, 2012 EDT

Handmade knitting project bag or crochet bag; 3-piece set: bag, matching dpn or hook case, and zipper pouch for the small things. Perfect mobile WIP or KIP bag to take your project with you.

Posted at 1:05pm Jun 13, 2012 EDT

Corduroy knitting bag or crochet bag. Lined, padded, drawstring, inside pockets and carry strap. Take your project with you in this handmade, beautiful dark corduroy print WIP or KIP bag.

Posted at 10:27am Jun 18, 2012 EDT

Handmade knitting bag or crochet bag. 3 Piece Set: bag, zipper accessory pouch and dpn or hook case. Inside pockets, carry strap, inside tab. Bright and sunny cotton print and blue cotton lining and pockets. It is fully padded, too. Take your projects with you in this cheerful WIP or KIP bag.

Posted at 11:50am Jun 19, 2012 EDT

Drop spindle bag for the mobile fiber spinner. Spin on the go with this beautifully bright cotton geometric pattern fabric and aqua interior. Bag is padded all around, the attached spindle pouch is padded, also. Inside pockets, drawstring, and lots of tabs. Color coordinated silky acetate insert bag to hold your roving fiber. A mobile fiber spinner's dream bag.

Posted at 12:43pm Jun 21, 2012 EDT