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Original Post

I'm using Etsy on Sale to fix my shop for Christmas in July. They offer an option to put SALE either in the title or description. I used it in the description because I know Google doesn't like it in titles. The insertion uses some characters on both sides of the word that I'm wondering if Google will reject. They are characters that I can't make from my keyboard so I'm thinking maybe they are something that is irrelevant to Google. Can anyone advise? I don't know if I should link to a shop item here. Three items in my Advertising section have the word. I've removed it from one and then decided to ask.
Thank you.

Posted at 9:18am Jul 2, 2012 EDT


Anybody home?

Posted at 10:45am Jul 2, 2012 EDT

Sorry Sami, I don't know the answer. I am not sure if cindy is around today or not it is a holiday here.

Posted at 11:51am Jul 2, 2012 EDT

Thanks. I'll just keep checking in.

Posted at 12:17pm Jul 2, 2012 EDT

She usually come in late in the day. Sorry I don't know either.

Posted at 12:54pm Jul 2, 2012 EDT

Google search doesn't care about the word sale or about characters, but google shopping cares about both & may remove your items for either problem.

today is the statutory day off for Canada Day, which was celebrated yesterday, & I don't usually work my SEO shop on holidays. & as Lisa mentions, I tend to check in much later in the day than 7:18 am, which is when this was posted. :P I always do check at least once a day though!

Posted at 2:37pm Jul 2, 2012 EDT

Thanks, Cindy. I was unaware.
Enjoy your holiday.

Posted at 3:42pm Jul 2, 2012 EDT

you are welcome! by the way, Google shopping doesn't like the word "sale" anywhere, including the description. It occurs to me that my answer didn't make that completely clear.

Posted at 4:12pm Jul 2, 2012 EDT