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I think I was under the same impression as Fern because I had read time and time again in the various teams that the first 3 - 4 words in the title was as important on etsy as it was for google.

I may have to research some of the tags that the more successful artists are using and see if they have a place in my listings.

Thanks for the info.

Posted at 8:45 am Jul 5, 2012 EDT

whenever you read something that is testable, test it! If people say the first words matter the most, take a well-ranking listing & move the phrase to the end of the title. Now, you can sometimes move up or down by rearranging the title, especially if you shorten it, so you have to do this a few times without making any other changes to each listing to be sure of it. You won't see much movement. But it does matter for Google so putting important phrases up front is still good practice.

Don't forget Etsy & Google keyword research to find new niches. Your competitors are just one possible source of keywords, & since you can't view their stats, you don't know what works for them.

Posted at 1:17 pm Jul 5, 2012 EDT

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