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Original Post

are you searching for words? i am, so i started a thread.

i need words buyers might use instead of "czech picasso bead" for items like this.

mottled? variegated? (too elitist) textured? (it's the color that's textured, not the material ...)

help! i'll help you with yours if you'll help me with mine. i have lots of items that use these beads but here's one so you know what i'm talking about:

Posted at 3:05 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT


I would certianly not search czech picasso glass b/c I've never heard of it, is picasso the style of glass? Or maybe you're thinking of the colour palette?

I like mottled, not sure I'd think of variegated as a search term although I agree it does describe the appearance. multicolour? that particular ring says "ocean" to me.

Posted at 4:24 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

hmmmm ... doesn't it have too much brown in it? but ocean is a term i will consider, good idea!

Posted at 7:21 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

Lisa Steiner from ElainaLouiseStudios says
Edited on Jul 16, 2012

Heather, Picasso is the name of the finish used on the beads.

I search for the term Picasso finish all the time, but then I'm usually searching for supplies. I also use it as a keyword but it doesn't come up in my stats very often, if at all. (I just did a search for Picasso and a pair of my earrings were on the first page.) I do get a lot of hits from the phrase Czech glass beads.

I like mottled, or maybe rustic finish.

Posted at 8:09 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

Zoe says

I don't think that many buyers have an idea of what type of glass or bead they're looking for. Optimizing for colors (blue green, moss green, etc.) as well as terms like 'wire wrapped ring' would probably be of more help to you. Styles are also good. As Lisa suggested, rustic is a great term, and so are others such as 'earthy.'

Posted at 9:54 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

i got it! i put many of your suggestions in and i'm now coming up on first page for "wire moss green ring" and "green ocean ring"

earthy is a very good word also!

we'll see if tomorrow i had any views ...

Posted at 10:51 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

next word search? anybody?

Posted at 10:51 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

huh - this morning my ring has disappeared. well, not exactly, but no matter what i type into the search pulldowns, it won't come up. it still comes up using the search bar at top of pages, but only if i type the word "moss green."


i'm not spending too much time on this, though. gotta make more stuff! plenty of supply inventory to make things with!

Posted at 12:03 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT

new word! miyuki delica beads ...

as in this item ...

tiny, delicate, tube beads, bead weave?

what do you all suggest?

i am thinking now they will not search for miyuki altho that's the only company who makes them this small and uniform enough to beadweave. so if you're looking for beadwoven you *might* search for miyuki or this kind of wide inner hole that is their delica line.

Posted at 3:08 pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT

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