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Quantity of 2 on one listing, with variations. For example, the coprolite key chain sells fairly regularly, & each stone is different so I can't just up the quantity - each one needs new photos. So I list 2 at a time, with 3-4 photos of each item, then have people select which one they want through variations. When one sells, I take new photos & add them within a day or two, so it is rarely going to sell out.

For the one dino bone key chain, I listed multiples then have 1-2 photos of the fossils available, letting the buyer choose their exact stone, but I find that doesn't sell as well - people really want to see the stone made into a key chain already, it seems. And I don't want to make all of my stones into key chains, because I might need them for other items if I get a wholesale order.

Posted at 4:40pm Jan 30, 2018 EST

Ah, Cindy, that is clever! It preserves the listing's integrity and search standing and hearts and all of that without having to actually sell out of anything. You must have the photo thing down to an art, though.

Posted at 8:25pm Jan 30, 2018 EST

For some things, I do sell out then relist, but started listing 2-3 of items at a time with the coprolite earrings a few years back, as they got a fair amount of traffic & sold out a lot. In fact, even with 2-3 pairs listed for a few types, I can still sell out during the holidays. I have had the same person buy 2 or 3 at a time, even.

I am sure that many sellers take a lot more photos than I do, especially vintage sellers who always have new stock. Most of my photos are sold & relisted items, rather than brand new. I maybe listed 10 truly new things last year.

Posted at 10:02pm Jan 30, 2018 EST

Yes, selling vintage would drive me bonkers unless I were a good photographer. I guess that would be part of the outlay, photography skills/lessons, a decent camera, a set up space for it, etc.

Posted at 11:08pm Jan 30, 2018 EST

I am going to try to clear out some of the highlighted posts by combining them into one or two. That should make things easier to keep up with.

I am working on a revised version of this thread, but that probably won't be out for a while.

Posted at 11:16pm Feb 4, 2018 EST

Cindy from CindyLouDoesStats says
Highlighted Post

Some changes to the OP that have happened since Feb. 2016:

More countries have been added to the "localization" mentioned in #4:
France & Germany, April 2016
Canada, April 2017
Netherlands, May 2017

Clarifications from admin:

i) clicking & faving listings only helps the search ranking when it is done from a search:
"If an item is clicked or favorited outside of search results (through another shopping experience or directly from the shop), there is no impact on search placement."

ii) backlinks do not matter for Etsy search ranking:

iii) they don't recommend repeating words in the title

iv) in October 2016, they wanted to improve Etsy search so that title stuffing was no longer beneficial:
As of Feb. 2018, we still aren't there yet, but I am seeing some signs of it heading in that direction.

Posted at 11:28pm Feb 4, 2018 EST