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Are the page views still the same for everyone or are they customizing them yet?

Can someone check out the search "steampunk earrings" and tell me how many times my earrings come up in the first 5 pages?

Posted at 11:39 pm Jan 19, 2012 EST

I don't think they are customizing yet, no - I haven't seen any weird reports. I have 4 accounts & 2 devices, using 3 browsers, & I try to remember to check periodically.

for "steampunk earrings" in Handmade, I see you once on page 1, twice on pages 2 & 3 each, once on pg 4 & 5 each.

Posted at 11:43 pm Jan 19, 2012 EST

Thanks Cindy! I thought maybe it was my imagination, it seemed too good to be true that I would rank so high in such a saturated search.
Following your guidelines has really paid off for me.

Posted at 12:30 am Jan 20, 2012 EST

There was recently a change to the relevancy algorithm that favours recent listed items more in some searches. We don't know if it is permanent, but a lot of people have noticed it, starting around Wednesday Feb. 8

They are also testing more than one version of relevancy right now. One version seems to have even more weight on recency & also does not necessarily require the phrase to be in your tags for a high ranking. Again, no clue how long the testing will go on or which version the will decide to use.

Also, certain similar words are now returning slightly different results when they used to be the same. "Crochet hat" & "crocheted hat" are now slightly different results, for example.

I don't really recommend moving on any of this immediately, as it might change tomorrow. Clearly some of it is testing & not necessarily going to be permanent.

Posted at 8:36 pm Feb 16, 2012 EST

as an update to this post, I am only seeing one version of the relevancy search today, when I check different browsers or accounts. My search views seem higher than they have been, too. Anyone else?

different versions of words are still ranking differently, though.

Posted at 2:14 pm Feb 29, 2012 EST

I just heard from someone that has another version of the search, so it is still out there, just less common maybe. So testing does continue.

Posted at 11:01 pm Feb 29, 2012 EST

my views have definitely been better this week !

Posted at 1:19 am Mar 1, 2012 EST

I noticed some differences in the last month. I had not been appearing on page 1 or generally any of the first 10 pages since the switch to relevancy, but now some of my things are in there.

I very seldom renew. I try to catch my listings right before they expire and 'copy' the listing. Then I tweak it to be a bit different than the previous one. When I complete the listing and 'publish' it, I go and delete the one that's about to expire.

I've been dealing with some personal issues for several months and have not been able to list brand new stuff. My newer listings are all 'recycled' old ones. So it's funny to me, this change, because I have done nothing different. Now I am ready to get back to business so I wonder if that will put me back on page 100 lol.

Posted at 9:06 pm Mar 11, 2012 EDT

Bringing this thread back on top.
I just linked to it twice for people that needed help understanding SEO.

Posted at 11:21 am Apr 8, 2012 EDT

bumping this for today's newbies - I am working on an update post, but right now there are so many search tests & bugs that it is difficult to know what to report on. My search is changing almost daily in some ways.

Posted at 12:19 pm Apr 24, 2012 EDT

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