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Original Post

This may seem silly, but I would like other options to "processing time" maybe "creation time".
Processing time seems ok for a ready to ship, or supply items, but not for items that we hand make to order. Processing time seems too factory, big box store to me:)

Posted at 1:49 am May 24, 2012 EDT


Lisa from jYOUlry says

customers don't see that.... all they see is under the price it says "estimated delivery:" and that's based on the combination of whatever you put as your "creation and shipping" lead times its just to give the customer an idea of when they'll actually GET the item... you can specify in your listing descriptions still the actual time to create :) hope this helps...

Posted at 9:59 am May 24, 2012 EDT

That's actually not the case - customers can see the Processing time if they click the Change link (right under Ships from-to).

no thoughts for processing vs creation time

Posted at 11:02 am May 24, 2012 EDT

I too would like some more options. There is a great gap between some of times. And when a customer sees the times they see the shortest time. So 1-2 weeks, I would like to see 10 business days.

Posted at 2:55 pm May 24, 2012 EDT

Yeah I don't like processing time either... sounds like I am very slowly getting it out of a big warehouse LOL.

I personally call it "production time" and I would like to see us have the option to call it production time or processing time depending on what lends itself best to ones business

I am worried that processing time is going to piss off my buyers... like I am telling them it is going to take 3 to 5 days to box it up.... the more accurate description is that it is going to take me 3 to 5 days to PRODUCE it lol

Posted at 10:10 pm May 24, 2012 EDT

I second "production time" as opposed to "processing time". It sounds more personal and is definitely a more accurate description!

Posted at 1:28 am May 25, 2012 EDT

newhopebeading from newhopebeading says
Edited on May 25, 2012

Samantha Davila from shopsewfetching says

I second "production time" as opposed to "processing time". It sounds more personal and is definitely a more accurate description!
For some perhaps ... it is for me more accurate . But I could see how like for a supply shop for example processing time would be more accurate and fine. I mean like if someone ordered a million little beads then that takes time to process. Or even maybe for vintage it would take time to process because maybe it would take time to pack it up in a special way if it is delicate or big or something.

BUT for handmade processing time sound like when I order from Landsend and it takes time for them to process my order because they have to get the pants I ordered out of the warehouse lol.

Maybe we could have a choice? Like if we listed something as "made-to-order" the prompt could say production time instead? Not sure if this is possible but it would be cool :)

Posted at 6:21 am May 25, 2012 EDT

It's subtle but I think it makes a difference. I would like to choose "Processing" or "Production" so our shops can convey the correct idea. Like you've said, supplies and vintage are going to process an order but for made to order, I'm actually making the item and I want my customers to know that fully. "Production" time is so much more accurate a description.

Posted at 2:24 pm May 31, 2012 EDT

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